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“Hearing-centric design in video chat apps”

Comparing Discord, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Houseparty, Jitsi Meet, Skype, Zoom.

In general: cropping, chat overlays affected ASL. Captions meh. Screen sharing kills video feed.

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Radio shows would be a lot more interesting if, instead of "top x most requested tracks", they'd have "random sampling of tracks that have been requested exactly once".

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Image from page 50 of "Les raisons des forces mouuantes auec diuerses machines tant vtilles que plaisantes aus quelles sont adioints plusieurs desseings de grotes et fontaines" (1615)

@verity the Bastard Operator from Hell.
An on-going black comedy series of stories about the tech sector. Issues are as likely to be solved by defenestration as a technical solution.

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@verity great story with just a hint of both SCP and BOfH.

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~~our penchant for breathing air~~

just :carlsagan: things

@vy @bgcarlisle This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

emotional connection, gender 

@zigg I struggled to find the right words to support you and then I found this gem by one of the great philosophers of the 20th century.

chaotic exercise 

@verity at least you're exercising. Credit where credit due.

chaotic exercise 

@verity how about 2L plastic bottles filled with water gaffer taped to a broom handle?


@js0000 how about the tRump Dump Slump?

Being an optimist - buying tickets to a concert at the end of June.
Being a realist - forking out the extra cash for insurance on the tickets.

That said, I really really really want to see King Crimson in June.

soliciting TV recs 

@verity the 2010 season has a few. The Beast Below, the two Weeping Angels episodes, Vincent and the Doctor, and The Lodger. That’ll get you started.

alcohol reference 

@janellecshane after seeing your work with AI, I swear that these people are using their own AI to generate descriptions.

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