I'm playing snow bird for the next few weeks. Here's some pictures from sunrise this morning.

bad joke and a plug for a web site 

Remember, folks, when it comes to being a living fossil it's a coelaCANth, not a coelaCAN'Th.

That said, I treated myself to a nifty mug from weejapeeja.com. Lots of really good art there.

My housemate brought home a new friend. Meet Buddy. He appears to be a pure bred Malamute found at a rescue shelter. So much for having a neat and tidy house...

Finally had a mid-west rite of passage. 

So, this happened: stopped to see a dear friend on the long drive home yesterday. We were driving to a restaurant and I hit a good sized deer with my rental car. Friend and I are OK. Deer was hit broadside and rolled 3 times, then got up and ran off. Car was damaged but drivable, but significant damage to front bumper, lights and hood.

here blizzard blizzard blizzard 

First the snow storm then lake effect snow until sunset tonight. Heaviest snow is probably north and east of me, but still expecting around 8" (20cm) locally. Was observing near white-out conditions before sunset yesterday. This is crazy early for this sort of storm.

out at a concert tonight 

Seeing an old folk rock god tonight.

bad puns. But seriously, if I adopt a blue eyed cat, I’m naming it that. 

Behold, it is Meowd’ib, the Kwisatz Cat-erach!

A few pictures from my recent hiking trip on one of the islands in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Was out for three nights. Days were glorious, mosquitoes were thick.

cat and shadow. 

Saw this cat while out walking last night. Quality is a bit potato, but I think it catches the mood.

Too bad my phone sucks for night photography. But here’s my best attempts using a night vision app. Given that I had to take a glove off to do this in now 0F weather, this was the best I was going to manage.

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cute kitty with eye contact. 

This is Maven, who is a feisty purr box. She was a young pregnant mom cat when my sister rescued her 14 years ago. But she doesn’t play well with other cats so she was sent off to live with my parents. Then they decided to move, and I rescued her again, driving her 11 hours back home. She ended up with a dear friend of mine, where she’s lived ever since. Such a good kitty.

cute cat picture 

My friends’ cat Emma loves sleeping on my coat when I visit them. And she really hates it when I leave. Such language!

Hung out with a bunch of old hippies tonight. And the crowd was undeniably grey haired and old. But equally elderly Arlo Guthrie put on a good show, including a full performance of Alice's Restaurant. His daughter, Sarah Lee performed her own set and performed on some later songs.

Went to diner en blanc in Detroit, Michigan this evening. Probably had the surrounding neighborhood wondering WTF was going on, but the weather was wonderful, company was good, and we brought excellent food and wine.

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