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~~our penchant for breathing air~~

just :carlsagan: things

Being an optimist - buying tickets to a concert at the end of June.
Being a realist - forking out the extra cash for insurance on the tickets.

That said, I really really really want to see King Crimson in June.

I'm playing snow bird for the next few weeks. Here's some pictures from sunrise this morning.

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Holy shit. Someone named Isabel Fall took "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" as a writing prompt and produced one of the most fabulous cyberpunk, post-human, trans-human mindfucks I've read in a long time. This is extremely my shit

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Mushi-shi is an old animé (2005), but it never fails to help me fall asleep. And it's pretty.

Rewatched Errol Morris' documentary "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control." I remember it as a hot mess about robots, naked mole rats, topiary and lion taming. And 20 years later I think I'm seeing more connections in between the four threads, but it's still a bit WTF. A glorious and rich WTF, and certainly worth the rewatch. I think the underlying thesis is feedback loops and how they are used. I'll need to watch it again.

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Seven swans to rule them all,

Six geese to find them,

Five rings to bring them all,

And in the pear tree bind them.

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When I was in like first or second grade, I had to write a description of my mother. When ever someone would ask how old she was (including me) she would respond with "I'm 92" spoken in some voice from the Goon Show or some such. And of course I added that to my description, much to the consternation of my teacher who pointed out it was physically impossible. Being 6 or 7, I had no clue, and just said “that’s what she says.”
Anyway. Today would have been her 92nd birthday.

bad joke and a plug for a web site 

Remember, folks, when it comes to being a living fossil it's a coelaCANth, not a coelaCAN'Th.

That said, I treated myself to a nifty mug from Lots of really good art there.

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it's been really hard to "preserve white culture" by chugging cans of Axe Body Spray, Now For Men

Back in the hospital today. Getting my heart monitor taken out. This is a positive step forward! (At least I’m telling myself that).

My housemate brought home a new friend. Meet Buddy. He appears to be a pure bred Malamute found at a rescue shelter. So much for having a neat and tidy house...

Last year, when I was raking leaves, I ended up having a heart attack. This year, the worst that happened was my ankle was cranky. I'll take that.

Woke up to a slightly acrid smell, like old electronics, which made me wonder if there was an issue somewhere with an appliance or something. It was stronger in the kitchen. And then I remembered that I'd made some roasted garlic last night.

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