trying to switch stuff to my account

i don't really get the internet's passion for Halloween but y'all seem to be having fun, so

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sexism, gendered work 

The fact that cleaning is considered "women's" work makes it really hard to take men seriously as anything more than overgrown children. Cleaning is hard and time consuming, especially if you can't get around to it for long periods of time and there's nothing tough about avoiding it because you don't wanna.

Grow the fuck up and invest in your own fucking dignity, boys.

'male-presenting character is a trans girl' headcanons vs 'male-presenting character is a trans boy' headcanons​

got gendered correctly by a stranger ^_^

gender, vanity 

i think boy!me was kinda hot as a boy but i feel like i am becoming androgynous!hot and this is an improvement in at least how it makes me feel

every colour i'd be tempted to dye my hair is Meaningful in this obscure fictional setting i like and therefore i can't dye it

(this is not actually what's stopping me but it's a much more interesting reason than the truth, so)

ok someone else made the argument, i can rest easy

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in other words, why do we allow physicists to do math

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it is kind of frustrating to look at the blackboard and see the clever argument that gets you cleanly from A to B and then see the prof take the meandering, less rigorous path that sort of suggests B but doesn't really prove it.


sometimes it seems my purpose in this world is to come across people lamenting that they can't afford academic textbooks and informing/reminding them that libgen exists.

if you are such a person: remember, libgen exists

i am visiting my cousin and both her cats decided to take a nap on top of my backpack

i should probably accept it is their backpack now

you know how sometimes if you first read a word before hearing it you can assume the wrong pronunciation?

and you know how sometimes your expectations can override perception, making you see what you expect to see and hear what you expect to hear, rather than what's there?

and you know how english is my second language?

and you know how the ph in the name Stephen is pronounced like a 'v'?

well i um. didn't. know that last one. until just now.


i want A Community. i don't know how to find the right people in meatspace (i don't know how to interact with people in meatspace) and the few times i find them online i get disillusioned or they stop existing or i just can't become part of them

slightly gross 

i think 'prone to sensory overload in my mouth' explains a few things about me I thought of as separate, like pickiness with some kinds of food and tendency to choke on my own saliva and feel like I have to spit or throw up

i am not good at making up superhero names

why did i decide this one character would have *three* cape identities

this doesn't matter to me bc continents are arbitrary but someone slightly different from me could make something about cultural imperialism out of it

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