@david they passed a bill that "would ban access to gender-affirming care for transgender minors, including reversible puberty blockers and hormones." because being giant pieces of shit is very important to them.

uh what's the "best" bot for reposting to twitter?

@zkat obviously, automated coverage is best. But in our case we were working our way up from terrible to less terrible coverage and manual QA being solid saved our butts

@zkat Oh! I like them for exploratory testing first of all. Nothing like a talented QA finding the weird UX bits nobody even thought to test for. What we did in a prev job was keep all manual test scripts in testpad and that gave us historic references on how things were going outside of automation.

The other thing I like manual QA processes for: finding the reproduction steps for gnarly bugs, then documenting on an issue and pairing or collaborating with a dev to get it solved

Girls just want ergonomic mechanical keyboards with deadly aluminum frames

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Isn't it weird how some elders couldn't pass the Turing test... Like you ask them some very specific, unambiguous question (over text) and they reply with "😃" and nothing else

kittens, medical, death(-) 

@zkat oh no :( lo siento mucho

Si subis la escalera cuando llegaste vos arriba, no estamos en el mismo lado.

Peleamos desde nuestro rincón, solas o con amigues, donde estemos y donde podemos; pero nunca, jamás, peleamos para invisibilizar y oprimir a otras.
El feminismo va a ser inclusivo o no va a ser.

Some days I need a backchannel for the back channels I swear

@noelle ha I ... didn't realize this was 200+ days ago 🙃🤣

@noelle ah nvm, multiplayer is through a mod and I only tried single player so far

@noelle would Rimworld be a good fit? it's fun, the combat is simple and against NPCs and not the center of the game, and the graphics are freaking adorable.

If you're happy and you know it, unionize !
If you're happy and you know it, unionize!

@zkat It'd be a totally reasonable reaction tbh

@zkat aaaaaaaaaaw thanks :)
it looks nice !

My baby cousin is an adult now and will continue studying and it's just *a lot* because really, the odds were not in her favor.

Tomorrow I (hopefully) get to give her the gift my partner and I got for her, and we're also getting her "Adulting 101" stuff setup like debit cards etc, and I'm so excited for her!


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