Alright, let's talk something technical for a hot second:

What do you like *manual* daily tests to be like/for? Obvs automated testing is usually way better for regression testing. What kind of manual tests do you write for humans to execute? (on a webapp, CLI, whatever)


@zkat Oh! I like them for exploratory testing first of all. Nothing like a talented QA finding the weird UX bits nobody even thought to test for. What we did in a prev job was keep all manual test scripts in testpad and that gave us historic references on how things were going outside of automation.

The other thing I like manual QA processes for: finding the reproduction steps for gnarly bugs, then documenting on an issue and pairing or collaborating with a dev to get it solved

@zkat obviously, automated coverage is best. But in our case we were working our way up from terrible to less terrible coverage and manual QA being solid saved our butts

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