Okay, fedi, tell me about good, well-supported multiplayer build-and-explore games.

What I want: something like Minecraft, Trove, Astroneer, or Scrap Mechanic, with baked-in multiplayer.

What I don't want: PVP, extreme early access, a linear storyline, a primary focus on combat.

@noelle would Rimworld be a good fit? it's fun, the combat is simple and against NPCs and not the center of the game, and the graphics are freaking adorable.

@noelle ah nvm, multiplayer is through a mod and I only tried single player so far

@rowasc No worries; that was written when I had a group I wanted to play with, and that is... less so these days.

@rowasc And I have played many hours of Rimworld, but thank you. :)


@noelle ha I ... didn't realize this was 200+ days ago 🙃🤣

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