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Using my job to fight off TERFs somehow 💪🏼​

that one time i was on tinder soliciting programming advice forever ago :blobcatupsidedown:

digital bullet journal, VS Code 

This bullet journal syntax highlighting / etc extension for VS Code is so excessively, ridiculously my jam that when I told my partner I was stoked to find it, she burst out laughing & eventually gasped "of course you are!"

Enjoy it, if a #DigiBuJo is also your kind of thing!

funny how the same people spouting transphobic bs about “theyre trying to change language” have no problems adding corporate terms and trademarks to their everyday vocab

My new place is coming along nicely, but really slowly. The bigger deal, however, is that there's sunlight. I can't believe it's past 7 and I'm still seeing so much sunlight! 🤯​

I miss the part of the internet where we just make a lot of cool tiny websites. I really miss that. I need ideas.


On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.