As of this week, previously 'public' facebook pages seem to be behind a login wall. I can't check the menu for my local Indian takeaway, see which stalls are on the market this week, or get a clue about things happening in the community around me.

I can't find anyone talking about this online, and the only thing anyone - even local biz owners - seem to be able to say to me is *shrug*. What the fuck.


Here is the one talking about it online. Crazy coincidence, also never heard about that but this was just 3 posts away :)

@rhiaro @sl007 I guess to someone who's a longtime Facebook victim, the very concept of "not logged in" is too abstract

That sounds more 'actionable' than it is, doesn't it? As far as I understand, sitting this one out is the option of choice for many?

@grob @rhiaro

Well, they say that but because of both, gathering targets and reaching targets, politicians are probably addictive to Facebook like some junkies to crack.
But both is illegal.

@rhiaro Honestly I feel like there's room for a Wix/Squarespace-like hosting service (and software package) that basically just... exactly replicates the functionality of a Facebook page, for small businesses.

...and crossposts the results to Facebook, and the applicable results to other social media.

Like, this doesn't even have to be federated (although a federated endpoint could be useul), it just needs to be able to get enough pagerank to be found when you search the business.

@rhiaro I’ve been frustrated by this as well. It seems like Facebook has rolled this out piecemeal. It has depended on where I am accessing a business’ Facebook page from.

But it seems increasingly ubiquitous. The fact that is has been inconsistent has made it difficult to write about.

@rhiaro Twitter has done a similar thing recently, I can’t scroll through anything anymore. On mobile, in Australia (not sure if that matters).

@stragu @rhiaro germany too, normal web browser
6 tweets and then please log in
Annoying af when I just try to get the vibe of a company.

@stragu @rhiaro At least Nitter exists. There's no similar thing for Facebook...

@rhiaro Same here. Page started requiring login to display on my desktop, but still opens fine without login on my phone. Go figure.

@rhiaro are you sure it is just as of this week? I've never had a facebook account and every time anyone ever sends me a facebook link it is broken by a login page. I thought it was always like this? "Walled garden", you know?

@thufie Might depend on how the page is set up. There were several public pages for local bizs that I could see fine until earlier this week. precisely why I try to convince my local restaurants to have a proper presence on the web that includes a menu. I've built those websites for three of them now :akko_fingerguns: i don’t know enough about facebooks public setting but what i can say: even before some pages were only visible very restricted – which included the legal imprint companies are required to have here – which is an actual problem for those small companies that chose to be only present on facebook and not have their own website

@rhiaro It's disgusting :/ but I hope it's also a sign of the mammoth coming to its end

@rhiaro yep Twitter also only let's you view a couple of posts now also.

@rhiaro It made the news on Birb yesterday. Apparently FB restricted pages access to logged in accounts only for the UK. Not sure why, probably some BS Tory requirement. Not much anyone can apparently do, other than the PTB at FB and in the UK Gov, neither of which are interested in budging on the issue.

I too started noticing this.
It's one thing to provide better features with a login but it's a totally different problem not providing any info without said login.

I was happy with the no login public access.
I guess all good things come to an end...

@rhiaro it pisses me off so much when a local business lists Facebook as their "webpage". In a way Facebook is the new AOL, with its own parallel web that is only available to its own users.

@rhiaro Pinterest has been the worst for this, and now Reddit is acting the same. I just want to see a menu!

@rhiaro *shrug* Basically it makes sense. FB is not the internet as it was incepted originally, open and free. FB is a platform in itself, centralized commercial enterprise. They want you to create an account which is equal to agree to their terms and conditions if you want to use the resource. It's like taking an oath to become a citizen of a country. I e.g. like most of us out here in the wild fediverses don't want it for ideological reasons. But many do. And that's how FB exists.

@rhiaro I wondered why I couldn't check that work's FB page link was pointing to the right place... This is a really stupid change from Meta as people will (hopefully) go back to having pages elsewhere. Certainly, it's arrogant.

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