I am absolutely floored by the Ethical Web and Consentful Communications panels at . I hope the recordings are easily available cos there are so many people I want to share these with. Visions of hope for a better Web!

@rhiaro those look super interesting, thanks for sharing!! I hope there are recordings too. If not at least there are some names there for me to follow/research.

Aside: the docnow project (which I help out on) is working on new approaches to consent, especially when it comes to community archives & social media.

@edsu the definitely were recorded, and I'll post the recordings as soon as I find them

i'm having an ethical web meltdown, it feels like an apocalyptic blow up end times, and I don't know how to do anything about it. I'm freaking out, losing my mind. we have killed the user, removed user agency, & everyone is just ok with it. i'm sooo so sad for the web, for us all, it hurts so much.

csp has killed the web I knew,

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