Open Data Services workers is hiring python devs at any level of experience. Deadline this weekend!

We work on standards and tools for open data for public good.

Remote team, full or part time, flexible working, supportive work environment that promotes healthy worklife balance.

(needs right to work in the UK; includes EU)

Ugh why must all the interesting stuff be UK, Brexit makes it pure insanity to consider a job there right now. :(

@cathal I manage to not actually *live* in the UK. I still have to pay taxes there though. But yeah, hear ya.

@rhiaro sadly its python .. i work with nearly exactly that stack every day .. and i am happy to switch to haskell for those tasks.

One question: what about 'after brexit'?

@Drezil nobody knows about this 'after brexit' concept, not even the UK government so our mere tech co-op certainly doesn't have answers. All we can say is if we decide to hire someone who has the right to work in the UK at the time we hire them, we then have your back to the best of our ability.

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