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I'm working away from the office today and even though there are occasionally screaming children in this coffee shop it's still somehow more calming than yesterday's office times.

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okay i think mastodon may have the right kind of people to help me:

i wish to read good science fiction! good as in: GOOD SPACE PHYSICS. it does not need to be hard science fiction, but believable. focus on science/tech is appreciated but not necessary.

however, i have these constraints:

- not written by a white cis man
- must pass the bechdel test
- no misogyny
- low bullshit content

bonus for queer & non-white characters or author!

please boost! thank!!

Fred Meyer has flippable sequin emoji pillows, so we made physical glitch art.

Rachel's out of town next week and I kind of want to work on all the things and I kind of want to go hide in the woods.

I went to Courier and sketched out a meeting agenda. It helped somewhat.

A combination of stressful conference things and day two of standing desk life have me utterly flattened by exhaustion at 4pm.


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House of Dreams Spring Plant Sale and Vegan Bake Sale

Tomorrow April 15, 10am-3pm. All proceeds directly benefit all the kitties at House of Dreams.


I want to work from home tomorrow, but I think the most useful thing to do it to sit with my coworker until we both understand the mysteries of the build system.

Watching Interstellar tonight reminded me of the time when Igal came over and we watched Tarkovsky's Solaris. That was the best.

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helpful mnemonic: it's spelled masTODOn because there so many things in the TODO list

Thanks, AWS bill, for reminding me about that server I set up to save my parents' email archives.

Or maybe just trying to figure out how I can get access to a woodshop.

This may end up with me reviving my 2009-era "write down all the things on a giant sheet of paper" strategy.

Trying to figure out which projects I'm not burned out on to put some effort into this afternoon.

In case folks are suspicious that I'm just an osbridge spambox, here's some glowy laundry detergent splotches.

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