I completely forgot that mastodon timeline is by the latest entry

Currently in Portland for the XOXO fest. First time ever going to this kind of gathering and I somehow got nervous...

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thing i just communicated on a slack channel 

and then @ari_cat sez "To be honest, I didn't get past my bootloader enough to hit the sarcasm startup function."

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thing i just communicated on a slack channel 

"sounds like the 'oh shit' meter tend to peak quite easily there. do they not have some kind of oh-shit-procedures there?"

i don't know who made the toot cat image for this toot.cat instance, but thank you 

[alt text=mastodon's getting started column with cartoon image of a cat tootin' a pink heart]


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currently using my left hand typing this. i do not dare to move my right arm...



On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.