The current list of servers does not federate with:,,,,,,,,,

Users of these instances are not necessarily "bad", but the types of content they allow run counter to this instance's CoC. If you feel like I missed any, or added one by mistake please let me know.

but really, if you think I got any of these wrong I'd be happy reach out to the admin's of that instance. As long as I can get assurance that users will not be unreasonably exposed to the types of harassment and such outlined in the CoC, then I'll federate with them again.

Also, please DM me if you know of an instance that might unreasonably expose users to harassment or trolling.

Thanks @b for pointing me toward

That site has a great overview existing instances on gnusocial.

@kodo allowing all content is fine as long as users aren't boosting it onto our federated timeline. The sites I listed had trolls who would boost gore and cp just to fuck with ppl, and I 'm not cool with that :shrug:

@polymerwitch Can we set up a GitHub repo to keep track of instances that are bad offenders? Although honestly the sheer number of them you've listed is making me worried that we need to *whitelist* rather than blacklist. 😕

@polymerwitch OK, I set up a GitHub repo. Please let me know if you'd like write access! For now I'm just using it to track my own instance's blocks, but I'm happy to expand it for other instances too.

@polymerwitch If people can get to why that'd be convenient I think. I tried to check their rule and other than woofer I'm not sure what possible contents can be problematic.

@polymerwitch where's docs on how to say who to federate with and who not to? i haven't stumbled upon that

@rabcyr I'm not sure, but if you are an instance admin you can go to: and there is instructions there

@polymerwitch ah, yes, i saw that (sorry, i'm sick rn), but i saw some instances say they only specifically federate with others

@polymerwitch @b Gosh. I was so confused because my name is B and for a minute I forgot that I decided against pursuing that handle

@polymerwitch I'm new and still catching up. What are the implications of not federating with an instance? Can their users @-mention me? Can I follow their users if I choose to?

@ian so, there is two modes:

silence, which makes their messages only visible by those that follow them


suspend removes their account

right now they are all suspend, but I'm totally open to changing that

@polymerwitch I get the feeling that silence is going to be the solution that most instances gravitate towards most of the time once this thing starts achieving some amount of equilibrium. *But* it's early and the tech is still in flux and I'm not going to expect everything to be solved or sorted all at once.

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