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This is my main account. I stop posting sometimes, and retreat to my private account as the spotlight here is a bit much

I'm a(n):
* trans woman
* anarchist
* resident of Portland, OR
* collective co-manager at a food co-op
* community organizer
* queer af
* bipolar

I'm interested in:
* computers and how they beep/boop
* music (listening and producing)
* mycology
* cats
* organizing around solidarity, mutual aid, and direct action
* speculative fiction

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new music release! A new EP inspired by solarpunk called ASTRAL.

All tracks were made using 100% FOSS. All tracks are CC. If you have a cool project and don't want to attribute me just ask me and I'll probably OK it. Everything is pay what you want with no DRM. πŸ’–


Hi I don't post much here anymore, but did you know I pay for all of your image hosting?

It costs me about $26 a month.

When I founded I was making good money in tech, but mental illness has set me back to making barely above minimum wage. The payment this month left we with < $5 for groceries in my bank account. if you can help me out:$ubiquill

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🎡Announcing My New Record! QIANA EP 🎡

i just released my new record QIANA. it's a - - album that i'm releasing and pay what you want.

about half of the tracks are made with tools like and . All art was done with and

Seriously, the cost for just the media storage is about $20 a month (this is the only server cost I'm responsible for at this time). If you can't help me out with a few bucks maybe share my free album on your social networks so I can help pay my bills :purple_sparkling_heart:

Hey all, the images should be back for

I forgot we are still using my personal s3 account for that. Had to pay $40 in back payments to evil Seattle man to get the cat photos back 😿

Remember to support the admins:


and if you want help me out you can checkout my pay what you want music album

Posting this again for the evening crowd! I released my first EP today, QIANA!

It's pay what you want,

I made about half the songs with all open source software like and . Maybe check it out!

if you want any of the samples from my album to loop in your game, podcast, video, etc feel free to reach out. I'll edit them cleanly and provide them to you gratis ❀️

🎡Announcing My New Record! QIANA EP 🎡

i just released my new record QIANA. it's a - - album that i'm releasing and pay what you want.

about half of the tracks are made with tools like and . All art was done with and

reminder: if you want to follow a more personal, but public account I have one now over at @polymerwitch

I'll be talking a lot more about co-ops, politics, organizing, and stuff like that over there

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time! hello

I'm Telyn, an femme (she/they) from the living with and

I make using lots of (mostly software) (though I am building a ), my day job is

I'm here for:
people talkin about their lives
(recent loves are The Sexy Brutale and What Remains of Edith Finch)

(pic is my parents' sleepy babes)
and lowkey also ideas

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Bonsoir. πŸ‘‹πŸΏ

I'm Joseph. You may remember me from such non-existent programming like:

πŸ“Ί This Queer Black Guy Won't Shut Up About Things
πŸ“Ί OMG You're Such A Dork

I'm once again expatriate (originally from the UK) having moved to the States for another long-term stint. Husband to an equally queer af and infinitely more awesome wife. Father to the most phenomenal girl in the world.

I'm very much a jack-of-all-trades/human Swiss Army knife so feel free to inquire.


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