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Clojure library release notes 

Released small updates to two lambdaisland libraries:

[lambdaisland/uri "1.1.0"]
Added relative? and absolute? predicates.

[lambdaisland/uniontypes "0.2.0"]
Added ClojureScript support (runtime only) and indentation hint metadata.

Soon it'll be three years that I've been living in this same flat. This is highly unusual for me, and I resent how it makes the years blend into one.


Tip: if you meet me at a party and find out I'm Flemish, don't take that as an invitation to bombard me with your take on Flemish identity politics. I came to Berlin to get away from that shit.

Things I did not expect to become an expert on: the Contentful API, and its Ruby bindings.

Ooooh Emacs 25.2 is out. Good excuse to compile the latest master branch again :)

Flemish profanity 

Amai men gat wa een royaal kutweer is me da hier

Alright, submitted my EuroClojure talk proposal, "A Grand Theory of Testing". Fingers crossed!

@polymerwitch @ashkitten is anyone still working on getting a Catalan translation of the site up? @carlesjove would be interested to help.

Your primary email and your domain registrar are two places where you absolutely want 2FA. Double true if your primary email is at a domain you own (which seems like a great idea but makes you much more vulnerable).

Lumo 1.4 is out with lots of fixes and improvements #clojure

Now that Node.js is pretty ubiquitous, I started switching my shell scripts from bash to ClojureScript, and it's just so much more maintainable.

Never mind, seems Firefox Nightly is messing up somehow. Looks fine when doing a view-source, but somehow ends up incorrectly in the DOM.

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Something is definitely off with the whitespace handling in certain toots

All text sitting *outside* <p></p> tags.

Toot in question:

Lots of cool stuff in the newly released Lumo 1.4.0 (= ClojureScript REPL/runtime for Node.js)

npm install -g lumo-cljs

[screenshot of the changelog]

If this baba ghanoush was into me half as much as I am into this baba ghanoush we'd be married by now. :aubergine: 🍆

It's great to see the Americas come online. Good morning fellow tooters! Trans-Atlantic greetings to y'all!

In the last 4 hours I've managed to abbreviate "you all" to "you'll", and almost wrote "it's" for "it as". My brain is running on autopilot I think.

While we're talking about , can we have a local mod to allow for longer bios?

I can write a patch if the cat gods give their blessing :)

/cc @polymerwitch

Bapped? Seriously? I'm all for boops but you got to draw the line somewhere

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