Been in denial for a few days but I think it's official: I'm getting sick. I think that run in the drizzle last Friday did it.

Once again reminded that my business plan still mostly hinges on me not getting sick, ever.

Still planning to ship that episode this week though. *grits teeth*

Me: "I'm playing around with Overtone"
She: "Is your music online somewhere?"
Me: "When I press here it goes boop"

I seem to have this "trying too hard" switch that's stuck on the on setting

Decided I needed a break and finished Thimbleweed park. Such a special game. So many things in the ending that made me smile!

Made it to thirty days on Headspace. Also the first day I didn't feel like it, but I'm not the type to break a streak :)

Last week at Emacs Berlin I gave a demo of Synaesthetic (image glitching tool) and of Mastodon.el (toot from Emacs). Here's the video

@til it's against the very concept of having initiatives "for women". I've had this a few times now. I guess it's survivor bias. "I did fine why would it be different for someone else". Or also "why on earth would we need more women programmers?" :/

A little language fact to make you smile, in Dutch cloves of garlic are called "toes" of garlic


That was a fun party. I'm going to regret the drinking.

Every now and then a successful woman developer decides to fight me because I support initiatives like Rails Girls and ClojureBridge. "I didn't need that stuff, it's patronizing to treat women different, ..." I'm never sure how to react.

@daveliepmann @daiyi it's the other day of the year to avoid kreuzberg at all costs

@daveliepmann at home with a book. Unless you live close to the festivities, then it's at home with a book and earplugs.

@Nezchan mint tends to be easy. once it gets going it's practically unstoppable. A common mistake with basil is having them be too crowded. Once they've grown their first pair of real leaves i tend to cut some away so they're all about a centimeter apart.

Don't have experience with the others :)

@bitboxer in that case, no idea, but would love to hear what you find!

I'm never sure if this hair wax is an improvement or just looks silly. At least it smells good (≧▽≦)

@bitboxer as a "simplest thing that could work" I would start with rsync. it compresses over the wire, not at the destination though. it will do deltas so it only transfers what has changed, but if you want historic versions to be kept you need to do some extra works

@PicklesTFC I'm at the top floor so I'm pretty exposed, and I have one room with lots of windows where I grow my stuff. No balcony unfortunately, and not on the south side either, but works reasonably well.

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