Decided I needed a break and finished Thimbleweed park. Such a special game. So many things in the ending that made me smile!

Good idea used in the Emacs source tree: add a top level .dir-locals.el to enforce consistent styling.

[screenshot of .dir-locals.el]

What better garb to wear to an Emacs meetup than a pink John McCarthy t-shirt?

Something is definitely off with the whitespace handling in certain toots

All text sitting *outside* <p></p> tags.

Toot in question:

Lots of cool stuff in the newly released Lumo 1.4.0 (= ClojureScript REPL/runtime for Node.js)

npm install -g lumo-cljs

[screenshot of the changelog]

(sox {:channels 2 :depth 8}
(treble 6)
(bass -7)
(echos 0.7 0.8 "1s" 0.4 "3s" 1 "1500s" 0.2 "600s" 0.4)
(dcshift 0.3))

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dcshift -0.4 echos 0.7 0.4 120 0.4 401 0.5 724 0.3 200 0.1 121 0.3 249 0.50 223 0.60 delay 0 0s 0s 4s 0s 0 0

Clojure peeps: "yeah Clojure boot time takes hours, suck it up, it will never change"

ClojureScript peeps:


On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.