Every now and then a successful woman developer decides to fight me because I support initiatives like Rails Girls and ClojureBridge. "I didn't need that stuff, it's patronizing to treat women different, ..." I'm never sure how to react.

@plexus is their criticism directed against you as a man supporting these organisations, or against the organisations themselves? I can imagine and understand that at RailsGirls where in earlier times all coaches were men, it can come across as patronizing. But fortunately that changes, and I think ideally RailsGirls for example would be completely women-only.

@til it's against the very concept of having initiatives "for women". I've had this a few times now. I guess it's survivor bias. "I did fine why would it be different for someone else". Or also "why on earth would we need more women programmers?" :/

@plexus wow, I never heard that kind of criticism. No idea how to deal with that. Do they then also agree with the general gender pay gap in society, and simply claim they themselves are an exception?

@til @plexus sadly I heard that a couple of times, too. And my answer always is: as long as other women* find it useful, why not offer it to them? I you didn't need it, fine, but please don't judge peoples abilities and needs by yours.

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