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@andyw Is it easy to set up for not especially technical folks? I was under impression that one has to be an experienced Linux user/admin to do that...

@zkat Wow. Are TERFs the only protected class on twitter?

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The correct way to apologize for misgendering someone is to say "sorry," correct yourself, and continue with your sentence. The longer your apology, the worse it is. No exceptions.

Re: nudity topic 

@tekk You sure are.

There is a simple test re: nudity. Whenever people start to wear something warmer than light dress or t-shirt/top + shorts/skirt, it's definitely too cold for them to go naked, social norms or not.

And where I live, lighter clothing styles are only popular for, like, 3 or 4 months in summer (and even then, not all time).

My university roommate just reminded me that one time, in first year, I signed up to be a guinea pig in a psychology study and it was the best study ever...

#harrypotter question 

@telyn @kitkendrick Have you read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality ( I'm not a fan for other reasons, but it contains nice explanations of how all that magic could work.

@tekk will writing a new toot with CW and a link to original toot work? (similar to Twitter quotes)

@tekk most people would consider it to be awfully cold for naked wanderings. I live in Moscow which is warmer than most places in Russia, and 15 is the average noon temperature in September (in mornings/evenings it is more like 10°C...)

Now if we were talking about tropical places...


@tekk where do you live? I would love that warm climate.

There are places where nudity is socially acceptable and even recommended; one of these is at the southern France coast. It only has a decent population during summer; otherwise it's too cold there. One may say that e.g. 15°C is warm enough, but only a handful of people seem to agree. And that's a warm place.

Other reason is that people have to interact with other people in crowded settings. I would hate to do it while naked.

@yaodema @fluffy just in case, maybe you know of any Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile app?

@gingerrroot I thought that social capital means exactly that, making connections / talking with people?

@BillieCodes Have you read Imperial Radch by @ann_leckie ? She's doing exactly that, and more.

@lutoma But at least people other people will be able to spend more time on Mastodon reading their feed. For example, right now only 1% of my feed are registered on Mastodon, so I'll still use twitter for reading.

Do you see any other way of breaking that vicious circle of network effect? I don't see a lot of people migrating to Mastodon; setting up crossposting would be some valuable first step...

I strongly advise everybody to create their account (mine is and to configure crossposting from Twitter on

You don't have to actively use Mastodon, but at least you'll improve on the problem with network effect.

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Life is so weird... like, what if I identify as a different Mast instance than the one I was assigned at birth?

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This day has come. I cannot find an app I need in Microsoft Store.

Or, specifically, I cannot find any usable Mastodon client for Windows 10 Mobile. Not that latest Twitter UWA was great (and they killed their UWP app some months ago), but still...

@forivall @zkat @iarna @aredridel At first, I also thought that it doesn't work, but it seems that it has some 5 minutes lag before crossposting? Works for me now, but you have to wait for 5 minutes for tweets / toots to appear on other platform.

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