"We were unknowingly infected with a follow-bot who caused significant technical and financial problems on our instance. Other instances, while knowing, did not warn us about that, but just silently unfederated from us. And it was even more effort getting federation back than it was to fix the follow-bot problem.

This could happen to everyone! Any instance can be a victim!"

"Now think about how 4channers ... can ... cause [any] instance to be cut off from a significant chunk of fediverse, without its admin noticing? Do we want to help them dismantle the fediverse?

Warn other instances' admins about bad things going on, not just silently unfederate from them!"

(A thread about some problems my instance bumped into - thankfully mostly resolved now, but there are some lessons for all to learn from this: embracing.space/@admin/1046260)

@penartur thanks for sharing this, interesting lessons

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