I strongly advise everybody to create their @MastodonProject@twitter.com account (mine is toot.cat/@penartur) and to configure crossposting from Twitter on moa.party

You don't have to actively use Mastodon, but at least you'll improve on the problem with network effect.

@penartur Meh, I find twitter crossposts annoying more than anything since they tend to have weird formatting and you usually can’t interact with their author here.

@lutoma But at least people other people will be able to spend more time on Mastodon reading their feed. For example, right now only 1% of my feed are registered on Mastodon, so I'll still use twitter for reading.

Do you see any other way of breaking that vicious circle of network effect? I don't see a lot of people migrating to Mastodon; setting up crossposting would be some valuable first step...

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