Just FYI, am likely migrating to @auntiekiki@witches.town (hence any follow requests you get from there). Will maintain both accounts for a little while.

Found a small project that I can work on for the rest of the day. Which is good, since I'd already gotten as far as cleaning the office to pass time!

Last day MPOW is open this year. Most of my colleagues are already out. I'm only here til 1:30. Productivity? What's that?!

It's raining!!! (Most of the state is in some stage of drought, so this is an excellent thing.)

The art museum is showing Die Hard on the 24th and I'm all Y'ALL ARE MY PEOPLE PLEASE SELL ME A TICKET RIGHT NOW!!!!!1!!!

So very grateful to be home after a week of travel and caring for a friend post-surgery.

Whywhywhy, by all that's holy, have I been stuck with this Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes earworm FOR AN HOUR?!?!

All must-do items have been checked off the list. Which is good because my brain's quit. Like, not-even-gonna-watch-HR-mandated-training-videos levels of quit.

Today's to-do list looks daunting due to a combo of being off next week and not enough sleep the last few nights. But I've got tea, a happy light, and good tunes. So.

Showered, changed sheets on the bed, and started a load of laundry and am now wilted and shaky. Fewer spoons today than I'd realized. *watches to-do list fly away*

Solo travelers, lets make #introvertvacations a thing - leave home, find a quiet comfy niche, and chill. Or explore a new place without worrying about anyone's pace but your own. Dooooo iiiiiit.

#introvert #vacation #itsoktobealone

Concert went quite well. Attendance was great. And! I still have a voice left! (Mostly.)

Trying to save my voice this morning, so of course the classical station was playing all sorts of hum-able music. *happy grump*

Odd thing: I'd forgotten, until about 3/4 through dress rehearsal, that the choir had sung a concert in this church once when I was in it before. I was so sick and depressed at the time that I barely remember it--no clue what the music was, and have no recall of being on the stage. Only clear memory involves sitting on the floor of the green room, exhausted, while the ex ignored me with energetic intent. I am so, so thankful that stage of my life is over.

Feeling witchy all of a sudden. ✨ 🍃 Two colleagues didn't heed my earlier weather warnings, and weren't prepared for the temp/wind on their afternoon stroll.

Just sitting here quietly freaking out because WTF did our vendor do to our discovery layer's code tables?!?!? (Front end is currently fine, but am a wee bit concerned about next time I need to deploy all.)

[screenshot of a code table set to language en_US, but the description reads "Portuguese."]


Because I needed it recently, a reminder:

It's ok to turn off push notifications from apps. It's ok to unsubscribe from email lists. It's ok to unfollow. Your attention is yours to give.

Um. That's dress rehearsal TONIGHT. Concert tomorrow.

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