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Penny Dreadful is really ... something else. I have to watch this again I guess, I was more focused on sorting and uploading PDFs.

No one but Spongebob is ready for the GDPR.

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I'd still like to replace myself with a smart shell script for this (gnurl) work.

Oh look, curl did a release. Time to merge again.

INPUT FORM: give email plz.
ME: OKAY. (gives an email address at perfectly valid
INPUT FORM: Nein nein, this is invalid, completely falsch.
ME: OKAY, how about (another short host in iceland I use).
INPUT FORM: Okay, Korrekt.

WTF. That's an org domain. lol

Once I get around to updating my personal website I'll adjust and mention it.

So since I'll be stuck with my brand forever, I'll took a 5 minute effort and separated the webview of and and made the work I do on infotropique OS separate (in view) from my other work.

it's okay if no one can, I'll either write a post about it at some point or include it in my design-doc repo as reference material.

In a small amount of posts, can someone explain to me what (or: ) is?
I found it by chance this morning, and I will read into it a bit more, but so far.. a language which evolved into an OS? or a language with an OS-like core? or something entirely else?

Did I mention I got a job at a small company where I will be paid for hacking on things I find really interesting and like (in other words: (almost only) Free Software)? I do, as of last week and starting next week with first assignment \o/

Advanced YoloSec, lesson 2: Gnus are good. Hand your computer over to the next Gnu you find, they will fix it. Even if it looks like the Gnu is breaking it or simply walks away, this is part of the process. Embrace it.

Advanced YoloSec, lesson 1: Add an encrypted disk, using the same password. Everything will go wrong, or as the book would say: "Panic!" No, we're still not at the disco.

I just made hand-burned fries. hooray :D :(

I think my "everyone jokes about lisp" post was too negative: there were like 5 people who did this, and the rest didn't know it or just went with the opinion the (in their eyes) authority person said.. and it was all about the parens joke. There's also people who are interested in it. Even random strangers on the subway sometimes ask me when they see me programming something that "looks like XML or something"^^

Also, is everyone above 30 looking wasted and "broken" in general (to younger people "OLD"), or why do so many people I meet assume I'm much younger. I guess lifestyle is one thing, so I'm having less impact there.

Picked up playing music again, or at least I'm trying. Complications mostly in time, so it's guitar again for now and programmed music later.
After too many pages Cryptonomicon is starting to be less confusing with storyline and similar-sounding characters to me.
Also one of my best friends bought (rented?) a house a couple of states away (Schwarzwald), so I will have to travel more.
That's all I remember right now.

Got less time to spent at my hacker space / community center, which is not so good. I might or might not have a paying job involved with free software (there's still some things left to figure out before I can confirm anything). out of curiosity I started looking into poky after a chat about yocto linux I had, interesting use of tools originating to some degree in Gentoo. So I started working on 2 metas for yocto as a PoC for someone, but mostly just for fun and exploration.