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like, buying a dedicated domain or using www. since for some reason sharing cookies between a domain and its subdomains was much more attractive than keeping any isolation between a domain's cookies and its subdomains

it's like the web is exclusively lead by trolling blackhats and lazy webshits and everyone just "oh fuck it's broken again where's the duct tape" until the end

Anyone got links and other sources to recommend for and other devices for and general ?

I got some links, but I don't know everything so would be great.

Though I didn't drop the instance of GNUsocial, it drop itself as the entire server crashed fatally.

@woozle okay, it seems to depend on the time an account is active. The system has recognized I'm active again and seems to be sending messages to my Home timeline. But I'm not 100% sure.

paging @woozle
Maybe you can see something on the admin side of the server?
Recent accounts appear in the 'home' timeline, the rest is not appearing at all.

seems like something broke? I no longer get HOME with all people I followed in the past

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For now I've settled on GNUsocial. I'll keep my profile at @ng0, but I'll switch to using this instance.
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Spamnesty is a way to waste spammers' time. If you get a spam email, simply forward it to, and Spamnesty will strip your email address, pretend it's a real person and reply to the email.

Spamnesty - Home -

@cwebber Do you know if the team around GNUsocial works on implementing ActivityPub?

I could also go for GNUsocial as it doesn't imply trusting a full NodeJS blob'ed path of dependencies.

my only concern is disk usage - I pay 2.50€ per 25GB per month. I know the feediverse is big at this point and that the stored data (as little as I know about Mastodon's internals) depends on the world view of my node.
What kind of growth is in there?

hey user ! I have :

1) How much traffic does your instance consume per month?

I have no limits, but I'd still know stats to be sure - running a tor exit with 4+ TB/month was okay in the network this would be located in.

2) If possible I'd like to know how big your disk usage of Mastodon is - I will never use external services like AWS. From past exchanges with Diaspora admins I know that old instances use large amounts of disk space.

Seems like doesn't federate here yet. So, copy-paste repost:

Oh yeah, another thing: Yesterday I've update the preview version of the for Guix that is currently (since at least August) in QA. It can be found in the repo named 'packages' on in the group 'ng0_guix'

Among many other productive things in the last days, I will:

- mentor someone who'll build a Docker package (Docker itself from source, not an image)
- finish Buildbot for Guix and
- Give the gnunet shepherd service another try and work on it with other GNUnet hackers in one location later in 2018.

More to be posted in a blog post

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The #c3nav team decided to stop working on the app until #ccc makes public statement regarding latest treatment of victims. I could not read all linked tweets but think that's a good decision. #34c3

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Das TrIQ in Berlin kriegt nur weiter Förderung wenn sie 6500€ selbst stellen - hier geht's zur Crowdfunding Kampagne und zum Infovideo um was es hier geht. >>

English: TrIQ in Berlin needs our help! They fund/make possible cool projects, this is queer/inter/trans* people supporting queer/inter/trans* people -- please donate if you can, and look at the link for more info!

News from congress: I managed to get a more precise description and low + high-level view on infotropique. Some open questions remain.

Good that in Leipzig has their own website. I would've almost gone there. They are closed until 2nd of January.

A restaurant overlay for Openstreetmap would be nice, being able to filter out restaurants by type of diet they serve.