hi friends, just letting you know we're gonna actually migrate over to the glitchsoc fork of mastodon (!!!

while this is a very exciting change and will bring many new features, chances are it won't be perfectly seamless and we might be down for a bit. @woozle is running a backup right now, so don't worry too much

after the update, i'll be around to help people get acquainted with the new features and take care of any bugs that might pop up <3

- ash


thank you!
(also for keeping instance up and kind)

i'd be interested in knowing what are the reasons for making the change, simply for my own awareness. maybe something was already written about this ...

bonne chance! 🍀

@js0000 hey yeah we've been thinking about making this move for a long time behind the scenes, even before i came back to the admin team. i'm not sure if @woozle has written anything publicly about it, but glitchsoc is the fork i've been using for like over a year now and i feel there's much more concern for the userbase there than mainline. also it's just got lots of features i wanted to share with yall :>

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