@donpdonp here in Philadelphia we have a lot of tiny stores too (Though also your usual big US brands, Safeway, Wal-Mart, etc.). In the dense part of South Philly I feel like it's all about corner marts. There's one on every block just about. Some are super small, like this one down the street from me with only one isle and only one person fits in the isle at a time! But I kind of like it. Once you live here for a while you know where to go for stuff.

Just realized that Apple's Memoji is just being a VTuber for middle aged moms

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i am simply too poor and stubborn to stop using linux

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If shitposting is an art then I'm like a 3rd grade science teacher.

I tried starting a post on my personal website this weekend and naturally instead i spent hours css styling the first letter to make the opening paragraph look fancy. I never got past the first :/

Do you think that there were goth dinosaurs?

@dirt I asked some PhD types I know and they all agree with this.

Petition to rename them Top Carolina and Bottom Carolina.

This technique is so much fun though! Seeing the mountains "pop" as I get the lighting and displacement modifier just right in Blender is very satisfying.

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I've been working on a poster sized render of the mid Atlantic (DC, Philly, NYC). I want to overlay more data on this. Still thinking about what. But I'm liking how the terrain is looking. Lots of little improvements yet to come.

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you might also notice I have a missing bit of elevation data in the East :/ Still working on that.

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Then I got kinda experimental, what if only the cities at night, and no other color data? (well, I left the ocean in place)

I like how this nightime one picks out the mountains with moody looking shadows.

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I made a mask layer of just the "urban" areas according the USGS land cover (there are 4 levels) and mapped that to an emission shader so it looks like city lights glowing. Here is North Carolina in a night time scene

Here is North Carolina, similar with a similar treatment.

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Here is a view of Oregon, colored with USGS land cover data (based on aggregated Landsat data, I think) and elevation provided by NASA

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I've been having a lot of fun figuring out how to get map data into Blender in a way I like. I've been using QGIS to get data into a map so everything is layered nicely and georeferenced, then exporting elevation data, color (like rendered map) and maybe other choice bits of data as separate images so I treat them as textures in Blender. Then apply the elevation as real 3D heights, and use the other textures in the shader and get a 3D map!

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capitalism gripe, software 

under capitalism, all labor saved is labor disenfranchised. so software, that endeavor whose sole purpose is to multiply labor, finds itself worsening the situation of the worker, even its own! layers of engineers are invalidated by "innovation" and left adrift, used and abandoned.

it doesn't have to be this way! the plow is not the enemy of the farmer, so why under capitalism is it?

we must defeat capitalism to make good software.

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