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capitalism gripe, software 

under capitalism, all labor saved is labor disenfranchised. so software, that endeavor whose sole purpose is to multiply labor, finds itself worsening the situation of the worker, even its own! layers of engineers are invalidated by "innovation" and left adrift, used and abandoned.

it doesn't have to be this way! the plow is not the enemy of the farmer, so why under capitalism is it?

we must defeat capitalism to make good software.

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@jamey This allows you to have shared play/pause and synchronized scrubbing between all viewers.

The only complication is that every person needs a local copy of the file.

@garbados to this day i cannot understand the absolute pandemonium brought by the announcement of the "International Geophysical Year" (1957-58). It's where like half the current space programs came from. Every country heard about it and immediately had a collective fit, funded a half dozen space projects and started competing to do it better than the other. The IGY was like the science Olympics times a thousand. (Why tho...)

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actually it's only a city if it has a robust public transit infrastructure that allows you to get to any point in the city without using a car. otherwise it's a sparkling suburb

6 hour ASMR carpet washing video. Send toot.

I made a little size comparison chart including Lambda-4S and all the other small rockets from around the world

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the successful launch of the Japanese rocket Lambda-4S which was the smallest orbital rocket ever (until 2018) and the work of one of the smallest and scrappiest space programs of the 60's space race. Also one of the only purely civilian/academic ones.

It's one of my favorite rockets of all time!

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Free Python course materials!

I put in a FOIA request to the NSA for their Python training materials and got back a 400-page printout of their COMP 3321 training course.

So, I scanned and OCR'd it. Here is a PDF (warning: 118 MB)

In English we don't say "I'm tired" we say "my pyjamas are lonely" and I think that's beautiful.

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I've rewritten my WordPress plugin that automatically adds support for full-history RSS/Atom feeds using the RFC5005 standard so the implementation is super simple now.

I'm feeling pretty good about it, like maybe this version wouldn't be embarrassing to show the WordPress core team and ask if it could be just a part of core instead of a plugin. Not that I've worked up the courage to actually do that yet 😅

If you have a WordPress site and want to try it out, and you don't mind troubleshooting in case I got something wrong, the plugin is here:

@Torie the Father of the law, the Son of the Law, and the Law Holy Ghost.

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quantum computing means blackmailing some machine into giving you an accurate guess

@RobinHood @Torie "squishy lobster face down in a bin" is my band name.

Free idea: downtuned vaporware Nirvana remix: Smells like Crystal Pepsi.

Domino's Pizza Tracker speed run [5:27]

In accordance with ancient tradition black smoke was seen rising from the chimney at the Greenwich observatory indicating there would be no UTC leap second this year.

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