I made a little size comparison chart including Lambda-4S and all the other small rockets from around the world

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food, cooking 

Some abstract work in Blender:

Inside a reflective icosahedron with a color-shifting shader and illuminated edges.

Broad Street Subway, Philadelphia.

Got stuck waiting in a nearly empty station near Chinatown while getting some food to take home for dinner. It's simultaneously creepy and really fun to be in a big subway station underground by yourself.

Finally had some time again to play around with silly Lego renders 😅

A tiny Lego X-Wing rendered with Blender:


holiday decoration, 2017 

Oh! I forgot! Before my trip I was making Lego models in LeoCAD, then importing them into Blender3D and making pretty renders of them. It's a lot of fun!

Lego coffee maker: toot.cat/media/l20Lfx9HM9qHEIm

I saw the first if the year today! In we only have one species, the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird bird (selasphorus platycercus). The males have specialized feathers on their wingtips that make a trill whistling sound when they fly!

Enough of this API specifications stuff. Dinner time! Tonight I made: grilled salted mackerel, quick pickles, rice, and miso soup (from scratch).

- サバの塩焼き
- きゅうりのお漬物
- ご飯
- みそ汁 toot.cat/media/qJhP4i8z45Xjcjp

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