I made a little size comparison chart including Lambda-4S and all the other small rockets from around the world

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food, cooking 

Grilling on the stove! Chicken skin skewers and ginko nuts. A great snack.

Some abstract work in Blender:

Inside a reflective icosahedron with a color-shifting shader and illuminated edges.

Broad Street Subway, Philadelphia.

Got stuck waiting in a nearly empty station near Chinatown while getting some food to take home for dinner. It's simultaneously creepy and really fun to be in a big subway station underground by yourself.

Finally had some time again to play around with silly Lego renders 😅

A tiny Lego X-Wing rendered with Blender:


I made gyudon last night! Recipe from papadesuyo777 on YouTube. I didn't add any shirataki noodle though.

holiday decoration, 2017 

I've been learning to make custom plastic models, so I took those skills and made a "2017 Dumpster Fire" for our tree-topper this year!

There are two flickering LED 'candles' inside for the fire. The dumpster is cut out of styrene from the hobby store. We finished painting and tagging it today. toot.cat/media/F6eCUmXmQJ27R3D

Oh! I forgot! Before my trip I was making Lego models in LeoCAD, then importing them into Blender3D and making pretty renders of them. It's a lot of fun!

Lego coffee maker: toot.cat/media/l20Lfx9HM9qHEIm

I saw the first if the year today! In we only have one species, the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird bird (selasphorus platycercus). The males have specialized feathers on their wingtips that make a trill whistling sound when they fly!

Enough of this API specifications stuff. Dinner time! Tonight I made: grilled salted mackerel, quick pickles, rice, and miso soup (from scratch).

- サバの塩焼き
- きゅうりのお漬物
- ご飯
- みそ汁 toot.cat/media/qJhP4i8z45Xjcjp

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