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Look. It's simple.

If you make a phone that measures ~60x120x16mm and runs Android, then I will buy it.

This is not too much to ask is it?

I can't find any good new phones. I'm guess I'm going to keep my p9 lite for the foreseeable then.

@else Sounds like good sleuthing. My usual approach is unplug it and see what breaks.

@Jo @bsdtv It's kind of like when the first thing you do with new yarn is rewind it into a centre-pull ball. It's easier to manage and keeps itself neater.

@Jo If it wasn't clear, I love your jar btw.

@Jo I wrap the solder around a pen into a coil, then keep it in a thin hemanalysis container with a hole in the top.

I find it a really comfortable way to apply it, holding it like a pencil.

I've now seen Bo Burnham's Inside thrice in the last week. It is really very excellent.

If I wake up in a house that's full of smoke, I'll panic, so call me up and tell me a joke.

Mi nun vidis interne de Bo Burnham trifoje en la lasta semajno. Ĝi estas vere tre bonega.

Se mi vekiĝos en domo kiu estas plena de fumo, mi panikos, do telefonu al mi kaj diru al mi ŝercon.

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Instead of 'Hark!', try saying 'Aŭskultu.'

When I get bored, I look to RFCs for entertainment, so I wrote a garbage RADIUS server.

@piggo I've been thinking about it and it's come down to beetroot, turnips, sweetcorn, and fennel.

@piggo Beetroot might be my favourite vegetable, and all vegetables are better raw, so, yes.

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@Jo Oh, duh me, thought you were early prepping a delivery person cosplay for Halloween XD

@piggo Yeah, that would be the ideal.

Computers are terrible.

@piggo Peak Windows is having to reboot to fix it because you don't have any other option.

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