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my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

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Anyway if you want to toast the possible end of this era, please do join me in beautiful Herefordshire next month, I promise it will be a blast.

There are still a few tickets on sale (shameless plug).


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"Right, we have finalised the three laws of robotics."
"I'm pretty sure that's been-"
"First: A robot may not be owned."
"That's not-"
"Second: A robot has full autonomy over its body."
"Third: A robot has a right to energy and shelter."
"What of humans?"
"Yes, they too."
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #SmallStories

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Terrible joke 

Did you hear about the network engineer who quit their job to become a silversmith?

They make fancy jewellery; necklaces bracelets, the token ring.

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"I couldn't find 'Confetti Smiley Dickies' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart."


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Reached the point of festival organising where I'm starting to order all the obscure stuff. Like road signs.


This night is staying well.

Wait, is DST a thing we're still doing?

No wonder it's still so bright. 😭​

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@piggo Antennas in next month's RadCom is about Eggbeaters and Moxons, good for satellites. Always an interesting column. I might have to upgrade my v-dipole.

Alcohol, lewd reference 



I always assumed it was a poem designed to indoctrinate littl'ns into the idea of the nuclear family.

Dad does to market to get food for dinner
Mum stays home cleaning and prepping and looking after the children
Kid 1 has roast beef to grow up big and strong
Kid 2 has none because roast beef is disgusting (I might have projected that one)
Kid 2.4 is having a fun day out with dad and is now excited to be going home to play with their siblings

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In the poem "This little piggy went to market..." is:

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