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who called them town criers and not bulletin bards

Whoa-oh girls just wanna play Space Engineers. :blobcatbox:

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some types of coniferous trees actually twist along their vertical axis as they grow, in a phenomenon known as yew yaw

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"please describe your idea of a perfect date" me: ISO 8601

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I wish eggplants would grow actual vegan eggs instead of being the most boring tasting of all vegetables.


M, E, G, A
Upload to me today
Send me a file

Just remembered that this song exists and now I'm going to be humming it for days.

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why's this cat look like it's about to start telling me about bitcoin

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Me: "What should I do for the third movement of this sonatina?"

Also me: "Waltz in 9/8 obviously."

Published new aur/k40whisperer (0.45-1)

Accodental self trans outing 

Them: "How did you come out to your parents?"

Me: "Companies House."

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#mastoAdmin users need to add a CW for *every* toot about the corona virus or covid19, even if you think it is an important psa. this goes double for jokes.

If you feel the need to write "not going to CW this", then you *need* to.

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Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

I have bought socks for the first time in a decade and a half. The last time I bought socks was in 2005, when I bought 70 of the same generic grey sock.

They have served me well for fifteen years; some were lost along the way and now they have too many holes and it's time to move on.

So long, old friends.

ruby, shitpost 

Also I shouldn't be allowed to code.

def self.serve!(ice_cream)

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ruby, shitpost 

Does anyone else clap quietly to themselves when they kill a Sinatra application?

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