got myself a 3M HF-802SD
+ the voice quality is so good!!
+ the suffocation button is a fun feature
+ just as comfy as my other 3M valved respirators
- "secure click" particulate filters look kinda silly without combination filters.

i might import american P100 particulate filters again to get the cool pink style back

@AmyZenunim @dx i have a bunch of those respirators, unfortunately they don't have an exhalation filter. but MSA has one which does. 3M doesn't have any half-masks which do exhalation filtering.

@ln @dx yeah, i have the MSA Adv900 with pink P100s. it's pretty good so far. was just wondering about this one, but it's good to know 3M doesn't have any I suppose


@AmyZenunim @ln @dx fwiw there is the add-on exhalation filter for 6000 series masks, the 604.

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