given that 'Mrs' is supposedly for married women but that's super heterocentric, there's no Mr in my marriage, and that older people consider 'Ms' to be for 'schoolteachers and lesbians'...

i would like to propose 'Mss', pronounced 'Mizes', for married lesbians.

@mym you know if you smoosh those words together it sounds like the Mymsy nickname Aeva uses

@mym I propose that marriage should have nothing to do with how you call yourself.

@mym Can't we just dispose of honorifics altogether? Or go with something universal in the interim, like H (pronounced HYOO, for Human)?

@qsrmvt @mym nope this airline drop down menu makes me pick something

@mym I would think that of all the inconveniences and outright abuses in an airport or on an airplane, the honorific you select in the system (which likely never gets used anyway) would be the least of your concerns. To each their own, I guess. I'd rather be called just about anything if it meant I didn't have to get patted down, air puffed, stand in a long line, etc.

@qsrmvt @mym grats, you've spent more time being angry over a semi-joking tweet highlighting heterocentricity than i did writing it.

also most of them time you don't fly the day you book

@mym Er... not mad. Like I said, different concerns for different people, and I had no intention of making you feel as if I was belittling yours.

Backracking to the "semi-joking" though, I think honorifics and similar linguistic artifacts are a thing we need to look at, as they perpetuate unnecessary division.

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