: It appears I've been on here since October. However, I started using it today so I suppose it's time to introduce myself!

I'm a digital specialist with a focus on the web; much of my experience is in design and dev.

I used to run Geekadelphia and the Philly Geek Awards.

I love food, my family and friends, Philly, internet culture and Philly internet culture.

Generally, I love to be at the intersection of people and technology.

See also:

@mikeyil hey! I hadn't seen the article yet, it's great! And you specified 2nd gen, and she backed it up! ♥️

@upmasingh Yeah! The article turned out pretty well :)

@mikeyil Hey, Mikey! Fancy running into you here on *insert every Slack channel and social network I've ever been to*

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