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Linux help pls 

Ooof. I need to install GNS3 for school, and I don't get a thing that works and I could need some help. I'm on Manjaro.

How I installed:
yay -S gns3-gui gns3-server
and then when that crashed on start, I uninstalled and tried again with this helper script which I think just makes sure that all the other weird shit it might need is also installed.

and it still crashes on start and the one noteworthy-looking error is "The 'jsonschema==2.6.0' distribution was not found and is required by gns3-gui".

So the internet says to downgrade python-jsonschema to 2.6.0 to make it work. But how do I do that? downgrade only shows versions back to 3.0.1 and I don't know how to do it another way, and also don't know if I even really should do it.

Anarchist trans health care, hrt, contact info at bottom, I'm not affiliated but looks cool 

Full page of a zine. The center of it is a bottle of hormones with the label being an angry hissing cat with bangs photoshopped on. The text reads "Are you tired of... Having to explain to doctors that you're trans enough? OVERPRICED online pharmacies always being out of stock? Doctors telling you you're too CRAZY? That you're NOT CRAZY ENOUGH? That you DONT EVEN EXIST? Or, just not having access to the hormones you deserve? Well, we might have a solution! Introducing K.A.T. PHARMACY.

The text goes on to say they sell hormones (rn only estradiol) at cost and their contact information ( for questions and requests.

I'm trying to learn #Esperanto again. Are there any people in the fediverse who toot in that language?

There is a new project to make a #FLOSS DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

why did they have to make shaving cream look so tasty

Much of the Amazon was planted and planned out by people. It took 4,500 years of soil building, careful plant selection and cultivation. Indigenous people did that.

What can you visualize in your mind at will?

"here is a simulated picture of what it should have looked like, and the name of the teacher who helped us look for mistakes and got really intense and in the end concluded angrily that one of the cables was probably bad, at which point time was up"

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So now that I made myself sad again, back to writing this super exciting lab protocol.

Main motivation: am stuck at work anyway and don't want to spend my free time on this.

Like, just think about electronics and repair and recycling. It's a mess.

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Yesterday & the day before, I first disassembled a broken old cd player using a softball bat (the screws were very much in unreachable places), then desoldered a whole bunch of parts that it had. Felt rly nice. Rly calming and happycat.

Einfach so: Alle Liebe für Kostnixläden.

(also die Überlegungen von @jollysea haben mich wieder daran erinnert)

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Ohne Hülle fühlt sich mein Handy immer viel schneller an.

I just unlocked my phone with one of my nipples. Turns out you can add them as "fingerprints"

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.