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I've got a halcyon instance, if you want to play around with it, at (no access logs, and occasional maintancance).

Oke aber, surprise, positive: es hat deutlich weniger als die erwarteten 35 Grad in der Bib. \o/

reminder that the guy #BryanLunduke that claimed mozilla is sponsoring "#antifa email" is marketing director at #purism.
He claimed that #mozilla would by this, support a domestic terrorist organisation. In fact they where supporting a hosting collective focused on security.
see here for reffer:

When I was pointing him out on his errors and miss understanding of what antifa actually is, he claimed me doing libel. I gave him my word that he will be driven off from here, when he does not change his agenda. he's back as marketing director of #purism. How to respond to this?
cc @purism

see also:

Uuund ich komm zu spät zur Arbeit, weil ich die Route nicht genau angeschaut hab. Ist eh egal aber stresst mich trotzdem.

Ich hab auch ur die guten Lyrics misheard (so richtig ehrlich misheard) aber gleich darauf wieder vergessen leider. War irgendwas mit Joghurt.

Feindseliges Stadtdesign 

Aber dafür ist mir diese schöne Phrase eingefallen, CW nicht-vegetarisches Essen: 

Ich hab zu wenig geschlafen nach einem anstrengenden Tag gestern, war jetzt die ganze Zeit draußen in der Hitze, werd bis 10 in einem de-facto-Glashaus ("Bibliothek") sitzen müssen, danach so ca um Mitternacht Besuch die Bettwäsche raus räumen und die Wohnung zeigen, und meine Göffel sind seit ca. 3 Stunden aufgebraucht 👍 What could possibly go wrong.

Waren auch enorm am Heteronormativität überperformen tbh.

Fühl heute sehr: Leute runzeln die Stirn, weil ich mich in der U-Bahn hinsetz statt ihnen zu zweit den Vierer zu lassen ✨

Fuck, I just found a bill that I really can't afford behind the cork board I hang bills on, and the office it came from doesn't answer the phone, so I can't get a confirmation whether it's paid or not. I'll just have to prepare for the worst.
If you'd like to chip in so I can afford this hide-and-seek bill (and my other bills), I have a tip jar here:

You can also check my pinned post. Boosts are very welcome!

you: hey cat what gender are you
cat: what is gender
you: well it's--
cat: can I eat it
you: uh, no
cat: can it sharpen my claws
you: no...
cat: can I chase it around
you: no. look, gender is--
cat: then I don't care
you: but do you identify as-- hey, wait
*cat walks away*

It went ok! But it is making me nervous that I don't trust any of my friends to tell me honestly in which ways I messed up. I was yelling because someone next to me kept telling me to talk louder? But apparently I was still only audible, not loud. So I guess I sounded like I was yelling to the point of voice ouch, but very quietly? That is making me nervous. That must have been so embarrassing.

Am nervous because I am going to read a speech (that someone else wrote) at a queer demo thing today and this level of radical cybrepnk theatricals is purrfect to soothe my kitty heart :blobcat:

Hah remembered the existence of Dirty Computer, the great Cybrepunk masterpiece of the decade, just in time 👌

Trans PoC asking for help, Boosts OK 

ever since i saw someone lament that most men in fiction don't have a personality beyond "having a dead wife" i can't stop noticing it and laughing

D, de, Fragebogen zu Jugendhilfe 

Also, that's what the flat was at when I got up and all the windows were open to let in some cold morning air. It's definitely going to be over 28 in here today...

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