I’d like to give a working student position for system administration and hot desk services here in Berlin to preferably fellow trans and*or queer people. So if you’re looking for a job in Berlin that’s in a queer-friendly and trans-inclusive environment as well as kinda well-payed, feel free to DM me. It’ll be 16 to 20h/week; remote is always possible.

kink shitpost 


Tired: bathrooms segregated into two groups: Men's and Women's

Wired: gender-neutral bathrooms

Inspired: bathrooms segregated into two groups: People who Leave the Bathroom in a Clean Usable State, and People Who Don't.

@nora Wie cool!!! Der passt zu meinem ehemaligen T-Shirt (das nun 1 Wandschmuck ist).

Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop: hellovoid.online/category/stic

"TIL there is a community of solarpunks salvaging abandoned boats and living off of like $300 a month on them while running decentralized web infrastructure."


Iiiiits the scuttleship! :D

A reply: "Is 100 rabbits a part of this group?"

@neauoire @rek

Großartiges Video aus dem Westberlin der 70er Jahre. Passanten werden gefragt: Hat Sie schon mal etwas frustriert? (der Begriff war damals relativ neu glaube ich)

#berlin #interessant #1972 #rbb

Vielleicht funktioniert das ja hier, gerne boosten:
Ich suche einen Job in #Karlsruhe, am liebsten Softwareentwicklung. Ich habe als letztes Bildverarbeitung (hauptsächlich 3D) + GUI in C++ gemacht. Auch wenn mir das Spaß gemacht hat, würde ich auch andere Dinge machen. Außer C++ kann ich auch Python und habe Erfahrung in technischer Redaktion und 2nd Level Support

Is there a menstruation calendar / period tracker where you can select symptoms, basically what happens when, and that is not sexist designed, does not exclude Trans- and Inter*people and enbies, and that does not sell / share my data? What would you recommend and why?

A question we are regularly asked is "What will be different about #Glimpse 0.1 compared to GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.12 when it releases?"

The answer is:
* New name & logo
* Less Wilber (the mascot) throughout the UI
* Better installation options for Windows users
* A more open and welcoming community

As a project we have only existed for around 3 months and approached the codebase with zero prior knowledge. So we will be pleased to end our status as "vaporware" so quickly 🎉

Oh gosh we're finally doing something that has blinkenlights, the most important part of any computering. And these cables are so 100% my aesthetics. I feel very much at home.

@nightsky_system oooh I had the same feeling today, about something nye-y. Also the melancholy.

Asking for opinions on MH books 

@schokopflaster aaaaaaaah toooo much kindness from the hamsters :blobcatsurprised: *running kitty noises*

*packt 1 LAN-Katze ein* :3 (= *hüpft in 1 Rucksack?* :blobcatpats: )

Autumnal butterfly pic for you all, seen near Bristol on a recent visit to the UK:

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