so it seems pretty clear vice is trying to get outrage clicks on its latest mastodon article.

this is a good opportunity to give 'counter promotion' a try

here is a good article to circulate instead of the vice article:

#counterPromotion #mastoMeta #clickbait #vice #praxis

Resistance, targeted resistence 

btw, what are your favourite resources on low-budget and/or low-effort (lorge balcony) gardening? I want to read/watch/listen to everything because I have so much to learn.

Hmmmm… I am reading up on garden stuff, and watching "my garden in July" type videos, and… I want chickens. Chickens are friends.

brutaldon announcement 

aah yiss! I finally found the setting to make my toots use markdown, a feature that the glitchsoc version of Mastodon has.

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  • nice

@schokopflaster aaah cool, danke für die links! die sehen super hilfreicha us, werd ich mir merken für wenn ich mal wieder was bastel.

@schokopflaster @accessibleColors (manche der Farbkombis sind natürlich zu arg und deswegen wieder für Leute inaccessible, oder für Farbenblindheit… aber der Kontrast für was auch immer für eine Schriftgröße da angenommen wird stimmt zumindest. ^^)

@aldersprig oooh striped ones sound great. We got all of our tomatoes as gifts from friends this year, and I'm just so happy that we have some interesting ones. Also, I checked another variety that we have here, and they also have the flower things still on them. another one only had a small dry thing there that didn't look very blossom-y.

Btw, we also have a chili plant that's called Queer Rainbow 🌶️🌈 @Anke @aldersprig

@Anke @aldersprig muahahaha :3 Gardener's Death selling you all the most deadly vegetables you could possibly dream of 🍅🌈💀

@aldersprig it did, came off when I touched it after taking the picture. I know too little about tomatos to know if this is usual... but the label says it's definitely a tomato, and called Black Tom. The plant looks and smells like tomato, too.

Is anyone working on open source Duolingo / Memrise? Or any floss social language learning software?

Petition to change the standard honorific from "sir/ma'am" to "friendo".

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