Oh gosh we're finally doing something that has blinkenlights, the most important part of any computering. And these cables are so 100% my aesthetics. I feel very much at home.

Oh btw I didn't only get 9 pens and a lot of candy from my school's "career day" thing, but also found this nice piece of furry representation. Truly putting the "soft" in "software". The serious house cat in me feels so well represented that it has no choice but to apply for an internship.

Thanks @glitchbot please give me another glitch! I love historical genderqueer buttons.

Oh btw these houseleeks are totally doing the #florespondence thing, as I wanted to toot more excitedly earlier when I was less exhausted

Language politics, Duolingo 

Ooooh, schau @kikir!

Ich hab die kaputt ausschauenden Blätter weggetan (damit die umliegenden Pflanzen auch wieder Licht bekommen...) und dabei das gefunden :3

I thought this was from the fediverse, but searches show a bunch of twitter and such, anyway, I am quoting,

🎵cut my jeans into pieces
these are my brand new jorts 🎵

which has been stuck in my head all morning now.

My pride outfit is "clothes that are almost falling apart and therefore let through a lot of air".

Feindseliges Stadtdesign 

I've never before felt as well represented.

(I'll probably post the other parts of it unlisted as replies to this when I have the time.)

Btw, eine sehr nette Ergänzung zur Pride in Wien ist die queerDo!-Demo am 13. Juni. Start um 18:00 im Sigmund-Freud-Park. wiederdonnerstag.at/2019/06/08

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