They're giving us the cutest trans colored wires here.

(Also very glad that today starts out so chill. Just some "yeah you know what LEDs are but let's go over them in detail". My sadcat brain likes.)

I started using my more frequently again. Not as much as at peak Messy Bujo times, but, more than recently. That's partly because I found a way to do days that works for me right now.

At first, i felt mildly disgusted by how calendary this is. Bla bla, purism, bla. But it's good for me rn. I like that it lets me see how much non-school time I have in a day. If I feel like it, I can reserve time slots for hanging with the cats and doing nothing.

Aaaah!! My now volume-controllable Furny still works 😻

Bit lewd 

Reminds me of the time someone made a dildo designer and people absolutely refused to design dildos with it.

Ooooh, thanks to this bot, my very favorite Telegram sticker set ever is now on Signal too:

(Btw I've tried to find the artist multiple times in the past because love. But never had any success. So, if you know who made these cutie cats, please let me know.)

Well, they definitely managed to make that sound like porn.

Oh gosh we're finally doing something that has blinkenlights, the most important part of any computering. And these cables are so 100% my aesthetics. I feel very much at home.

Oh btw I didn't only get 9 pens and a lot of candy from my school's "career day" thing, but also found this nice piece of furry representation. Truly putting the "soft" in "software". The serious house cat in me feels so well represented that it has no choice but to apply for an internship.

Thanks @glitchbot please give me another glitch! I love historical genderqueer buttons.

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Oh btw these houseleeks are totally doing the thing, as I wanted to toot more excitedly earlier when I was less exhausted

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