Oh btw these houseleeks are totally doing the #florespondence thing, as I wanted to toot more excitedly earlier when I was less exhausted

Language politics, Duolingo 

Ooooh, schau @kikir!

Ich hab die kaputt ausschauenden Blätter weggetan (damit die umliegenden Pflanzen auch wieder Licht bekommen...) und dabei das gefunden :3

I thought this was from the fediverse, but searches show a bunch of twitter and such, anyway, I am quoting,

🎵cut my jeans into pieces
these are my brand new jorts 🎵

which has been stuck in my head all morning now.

My pride outfit is "clothes that are almost falling apart and therefore let through a lot of air".

Feindseliges Stadtdesign 

I've never before felt as well represented.

(I'll probably post the other parts of it unlisted as replies to this when I have the time.)

Btw, eine sehr nette Ergänzung zur Pride in Wien ist die queerDo!-Demo am 13. Juni. Start um 18:00 im Sigmund-Freud-Park. wiederdonnerstag.at/2019/06/08

Am Freitag in Wien btw: "Grund für SOS" in der Alten WU.

Untertags ganz viele spannende Workshops und Vorträge, zu solidarischer Stadt, Seenotrettung und anderem: 4lthangrund.jetzt/grund-fur-so

Am Abend dann Party, und Party in der Alten WU ist einfach gut weil das Gebäude so wunderbar schrecklich ist: 4lthangrund.jetzt/grund-fur-so

Barely avoided paper jams have never been prettier.

It's a really nice bridge. It's one of the few places where Vienna feels big, but it is also often pretty empty. It does give me the liminal space creeps but I love it.


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