Wild animal (born in and still) in captivity 

Fyi lynxes also purr. Everyone is a good kitty

Loving the lorge kitty content in my TL today

The main difference between a "big cat" species and a "small cat" species is a small bone in their throats that allows them to either roar or purr

Therefore, cheetahs, who can't roar but purr, are small cats

And that's why I should be allowed to have one as a pet

The lost pup was tiny. Special attention was taken to make sure she suckled her fill... she didn't have much of an appetite. This worried the pack.

She was easily less than half the size of her adoptive litter; though she growled with the fierceness of a fully grown wolf. This gave them much hope.

It wasn't until the next full moon that the pack realized they had adopted a bobcat kitten.

They still loved her anyway.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy #Lycanthropy

Gelesen: Ein Schädlicher Einfluss von Kate Bornstein

Die zweite Autobiografie in zwei Wochen, was is mit mir cafe.sunbeam.city/~/CatOnBook/

Type “the internet is” and then see what happens because I got “the internet is a bit stressful and fun but I wanna life.“ which is very legit.

Polari and Sex Work (2/2) 

Mood: feeling slightly hurt that nobody has commented on or faved that thing that I wrote yesterday, in my journal, that is offline and made from paper, that I wrote in with a pen

It is not exactly new story and I am not sure if this made the rounds in fediverse but a few days ago #archiveofourown won the hugo award on best related work. We have a huge #FLOSS community here but we don't talk nearly enough about this project.

#ao3 is an unique opensourced project that is not male dominated and also not started by people who were fulltime engineers but fans who decided enough is enough and we need to own our servers.

Congrats to Ao3!

#fandom #womenswork

Denke drüber nach finally meine #Wordpress-Projekte mit einer github-Alternative zu versionskontrollieren.

Aber welche Alternative nehme ich?

#gitlab und #bitbucket klingen beide gut. Übersehe ich bei gitlab irgendeinen großen Nachteil?

Möchte/kann zur Zeit nicht selbst hosten und kein Geld zahlen.
Habe bisher nur marginale git-Erfahrung, von daher ist das fürs Wechseln erstmal irrelevant.

Für mich relevant: GUI > CL

tech question, boosts + 

oh if you haven't played EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER yet it's only three dollars right now (because the season two kickstarter is going on) so you can now play it and then immediately back the Kickstarter hthr.itch.io/extreme-meatpunks

It is almost at 1,000. :o

Anyone not cisgender is invited to take part in this #survey, and we particularly appreciate:

- Trans men
- Trans women
- People who’ve been out longer than 10 years
- People over the age of 30



Und: gibt es Leute die Erfahrung mit bezahlter Arbeit in Vereinen haben, insbesondere für Personen die nicht in Österreich leben bzw auch nicht in der EU?

Frage an alle die sich mit Vereinsrecht in .at auskennen: Sind zwei/mehr Obmenschen möglich, oder nur eine*r + Stellvertretung? Und ... Statutenänderung in der regulären GV, bei der der neue Vorstand gewählt wird möglich (insbesondere wenn die Änderung die Zusammensetzung des Vorstandes betrifft), oder eher getrennt? Reihenfolge in der Agenda, falls in der selben Sitzung möglich?

The world's largest occult library now has a public online archive.

Well, there goes some more years down the book hole...


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