A friend was asking me about Tor/Tails and while I know near nothing about them, I thought I'd tell her to read that "What Tor can't do" page that I seemed to remember. But I can't find it. The Warnings page on the Tails wiki is way above her level, the things I would like to remind her of are more like "using things that are linked to your real name means you're not anonymous". Anyone can throw me the or a similar link? 💜 (Nice educational tone required, no techbro-y "noobs like you should not desire privacy" voice.)

Just realised that there's one thing that annoys me about people using twitter crossposters (and in general I'm pretty neutral about them) - it's when they allow their RTs to come through if they are a very prolific RTer because if I follow someone who boosts too much I can mute their boosts (and if I follow someone on twitter who RTs too much I can mute those) but if they are "original" posts here on mastodon then there's no muting those without just unfollowing.

Oooooh!!!!!! It is time for flannel blanket covers!!!!

oh heck I forgot to ask on here - would any UK nonbinary peeps like to be part of a music video I'm shooting in Brighton on Oct 30th?

all info is here ~


That’s one of my favourites of the prompts, just a cutie „Baby Dinosaur Gasp“ #art #mastoart #digitalsketching #inking #Inktober #AInktober

Uuuh a few months ago someone here posted a link to a new and cool wishlist thing… probably explicitly as an alternative to amazon wishlists. And I can't find it. Anyone know what it was?

Verpasse leider die Lesung heute (19:00 im Fett+Zucker, falls wer munterer ist als ich), aber, auf das Buch von Hannah C. Rosenblatt bin ich suuuper gespannt. Hab weil ich nicht mehr auf Twitter bin (und mal wieder keine Blogs lese...) erst vor ein paar Tagen mitgekriegt, dass es existiert, und mag die Schreiberei der Rosenblatts ja sehr gerne. edition-assemblage.de/buecher/

Does anyone here have experience with Neofollin or other estrogen injections and can share them? :0130:

HRT Frage (boosts ok)
Wie bekommt eins die Krankenkasse (TK in meinem Fall) dazu Hormontherapie zu bezahlen?

Like actually currently working. Kann mir Privatrezepte mittelfristig nicht leisten und ich bekomme erzählt, dass Ärzt_innen erst Kassenrezepte ausstellen wenn sie schriftlich haben, dass die Kasse das auch wirklich ernsthaft zahlt um sich vor Rückforderungen zu schützen und die Kasse nichts schriftliches rausgibt, sondern sich sofort mit höchster Bürokratie rausredet.

Monotony is the enemy of learning.


Pablo A. Celnik, M.D., professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine:

“What we found is if you practice a slightly modified version of a task you want to master, you actually learn more and faster than if you just keep practicing the exact same thing multiple times in a row,”


If a repetitive exercise bores you,
most likely you're not learning.

Change it up each time.
A little bit of chaos is good for the soul.
And apparently, also good for learning new things thoroughly.


instance presentation :boost_ok: 

BTW: Glimpse, which is a fork of that other open-source image editor with the shitty name, has a version you can download and eff around with now.


Hallo, liebe #Cerebralparese-Menschis,
bitte lasst uns hier doch mal sammeln, mit welchen Strategien wir so durch den Winter kommen.
In meinem Fall: Badewanne, Skiunterwäsche Wärmflasche, Baclofen, viel Schlaf. Nicht so ganz ausreichend irgendwie.
Wer bietet mehr?
Gern RT!

Addendum: her rates are MEGA cheap. R250 ZAR a month, which is about 15 euros / $17 USD, and that includes a meal plan / training plan, and ongoing online support. For that monthly fee you'll have an online personal trainer and nutritionist helping you to achieve whatever goals you're aiming for, will help you work out what those goals ARE, refine them as you progress, and give you emotional support and encouragement along the way.

celiac disease, nazi adjacent 

If you know I have a demo in my talk that might trigger anxiety for people with fear of drowning, would you like to be warned at the beginning of the talk and before the demo or just before the demo?

Folks, the one thing that #meetup solved was not "RSVPs for events", it was getting events in front of a motivated community and promoting them. Rebuilding the RSVP functionality isn't going to wrestle anyone from Meetup's new changes. What we need are folks who are willing to try out alternatives and report back to their community on what works best for them.

gettogether.community already exists and has users on it. Try that first and let's get the "community" part of meetup started.

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