Using the modern web doesn't feel empowering. It feels immensely frustrating.

The web is barely usable without ad-blocking. Pages take an age to load and the content jumps around as more ads download and display. Also the ads are spying on you.

The entire JS ecosystem is dependency hell and sometimes you have to download massive JS files just to view a web page. The JS is probably also spying on you.

Worse still, JS is also probably why the Back button doesn't work properly on so many sites.

It feels like frontend engineers and web designers do their hardest work to make the whole experience of browsing the web completely miserable.

Why can't I open some embedded YouTube videos in full-screen? Why can't I just click Back when I want to go back without breaking the entire page? Why is this video playing by itself when I didn't ask it to?

Who are the people designing these completely terrible experiences? What happened to them? Who hurt them?!

@neilalexander ehhem... I may be one of those developers...

The answer? Client wants it, doesn't want to pay for the experience it actually wants, makes compromises on quality, doesn't allow for maintenance, prioritizes dumb crap, doesn't use data driven decision making, doesn't do user studies, constantly bolts new shit on top without rearchirecting or refactoring, doesn't pay for high quality developers, outsourced to low bid consultant agencies, has terrible product managers

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