If you didn't know, I've moved to @mattgen88 -- Follow me there!

I'd really like an account on an instance more geared towards my engineering side, such as on cybre.space but there's never any registration windows it seems :( I'm sure toot.cat is accepting, and the feeling is mutual, but I feel like I'd discover more people in my field

Day 7 Part 2, in which mattgen88 hurts himself using concurrency... github.com/mattgen88/adventofc

I really wanted to have each elf do its thing in a go func, which meant synchronizing all the things. Channels and mutexes and tickers oh my!

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@dconley Turns out I was appending to the wrong list for day 7 part 1. Somehow it managed to work out correct for the example and manage to complete for the real problem set.

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Taking a nice staycation. I normally work the holidays since it's quiet. But now that I have a tiny human, I am really digging the idea of just being home with no concern for work.

Really sad to hear about the behavior in Girl Develop It. Even sadder that the local chapter here is going on hiatus over it. Incredibly inclusive chapter in Buffalo, doing lots of good, and they feel betrayed and heart broken over the allegations and reporting of discrimination by the parent org.

The higher up you get in software engineering the less engineering you do. It's a weird feeling to complete a single ticket, but have been busy the entire 2 week sprint.

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Ruth Buffalo was sworn in as a state representative this week dressed in her traditional regalia.

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Indigenous women are most likely to be victims of domestic and/or sexual assault than any other population. Some figures have indigenous women going missing or being murdered at 10 times higher than the national average across all racial populations. It's about time a database starts.


Day 4 solution up on my GitHub. Struggled to get off the ground and did more than needed because I didn't analyze the input data

Super hyped to see people doing . This year I have a newborn and won't be competing really, but I'll be doing puzzles and maybe I'll go back to finish previous years. This year I stopped thinking in php and now think in golang. Crazy

I should listen to classical music more often. I have it on for the baby right now

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Deactivated my Facebook. Couldn't be happier

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