out of context, medical intervention 

"what are you doing?"

"brain surgery! what does it look like I'm doing?"

out of context 

"this is the most fun you can have, legally"

out of context 

"I've got buyer's remorse before I've even taken it out of the box"

out of context 

"I welcome you into my shaft"

out of context, vulgar 

"no one likes brown. it's superpoop"

out of context 

"but wait, in Australia, it's not really the season-"

"we don't talk about that"

out of context, gluteny metaphors 

"the icing on this thematic lasagna"

out of context 

"why give a chef's kiss? why can't the chef give a thumb's up?"

out of context 

"located in the fictional country, Canada"

out of context, food 

"a Nintendo Power comic about a guy eating hamburgers is the official origin of the expanded Metroid lore"

out of context, nipples 

"why does he want nipples? men have nipples too!"

"… he's a bird"

out of context, slight lewd 

(in air quotes) "great lover of women

"yeah… I'll be the judge of that.

"wait. this isn't what you say in this situation. never mind"

out of context 

"by god, that's a good stick"

out of context 

"I mean, sure, they're friends by contractual obligation, but that still counts"

out of context 

"it knows in the sense that math exists in this universe"

out of context, self-deprecation 

"it's almost like I knew I was garbage, and it came true"

out of context 

"I'll have to consult the aliens"

out of context 

"when have those words ever preceded a terrible event?"

out of context, religious figures 

"now we can light up Jesus"

out of context, failed noble sacrifice 

"bon voyage"

(engulfed in an explosion of smoke that does nothing)

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