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hi, i'm andrew. bi, 28 living in the midwest.

i spend a lot of time in my purple-lit home studio making music. i'm honing in on a genre i'm calling rugrat cat pop.

other hobbies include running, reading, podcasts, writing.

mario party 4 is the pinnacle of the franchise.

here is a small sample of some music for those interested:

please check out my new song 'readying' & let me know your thoughts. 🤗✨
guess i've been writing a lot abt perennial feelings from the child in me who i still love and i still love.
also, i miss choon.

a song i wrote about losing my aunt to brain cancer, and leaving a fucked up evangelical church in Oct, 2012

the solstice shows up tomorrow but you don't have to. reminder it's ok to leave out a bowl of 3 muskreeters and hit the porch light

making waves at the dairy queen this afternoon

horses are on horse time. i can't relate

watching the flintstones a kid, was there anyone else who wanted to eat the car?

cute lil rainy day we got on our hands eh

osmosis jones premiered in the u.s. 6,420 days ago and had a net loss of $56 million at the box office. if you spread the net loss over the time since its release it'd be ~$8,700 per day

the neighborhood cats are congregating at our porch. everyone is eyeing everyone. the grass is wet and everyone is emerging and commenting on the weather

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