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little witch academia is way WAY better than harry potter send post

Finally got a wildcard cert from let's encrypt, and all it took was running my own DNS server.

So yesterday I spent 6 hours sitting at a table with my dad and some house guests, doing nothing but drink and talk politics. Pretty sure I'm still drunk.

Got to about 400ml of vodka, which I think is more than I've had in total for at least half a year.


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gofundme.com/tc675g-test -- at least two of my friends on Discord know this person and vouch for her.

"Hi I'm Val, a 17 year old Indonesian nonbinary trans girl who's currently living in an emotionally abusive family. I'm currently looking to study and work in the United States since I've already graduated high school (I studied in Singapore). I hate asking for help, but my household situation got way worse because my parents forced me to go back to Indonesia because I spent too much money on getting medication for my mental conditions. They are currently doubling down on me and not allowing me to contact any of my friends in Singapore for help. I have a friend in the United States willing to help me that I can live with, but the main problem is getting to them. My parents are ok with me moving but want me to pay for the trip myself..."


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