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OH: Learning programming languages is like reading mystery novels. I just do it to figure out the mystery. The murderer is usually a Monad, tho.

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This is a public service announcement.

If your job uses Slack, please remember that the administrators that have been configured can view any channel and download all files and all information published, including channels that are "private" or between 2 individuals.

Your discussions are not secure and can be snooped upon, even private conversations.

In other words: there is no privacy on Slack. Period.

This is the end of this public service

(Don't ask how I know that)

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tl;dr of the reports of a cop instance going around Show more

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Welcome to the new We Distribute!

The project officially moves into a new phase, broadcast on the fediverse itself.

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Das Kiezhaus wird unterstützend für den internationalen Frauen*streik am 8. März 2019, ein Ort des Zusammenkommens und Kennenlernens im Wedding sein. Hier die Termine: #FemStreik #8M19 #Frauenstreik

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Hab mich mal wieder ein bisschen ausgetobt mit LEDs

Anlässlich der Launch Party von Drip by BloodyHealth

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Traurige Zeiten

Nette Zufallsbekanntschaft:
"Wir sollten in Kontakt bleiben."
Ich: "Hast Du vielleicht #Facebook oder #WhatsApp?"
NZ (freudestrahlend): "Beides!"
Ich: "Dann kann ich Dir leider weder Telefonnummer noch Emailadresse geben."


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:WeAreNameless: WarGames shall be our next movie and this time we'll have a co-host, #WeAreNameless!

Can you guess who? :ameowbongo:

You'll find out when we watch it together on Saturday, 23 of February, at 21:30 UTC (AKA 9.30 PM UTC)!

⁉️ WTF is #WeAreNameless?

:WeAreNameless: WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:WeAreNameless: Wanna know more?

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« Abiaufgaben für alle! Neues Portal von von @fragdenstaat und @WikimediaDE macht es einfach, die Abiaufgaben von 2010 bis 2018 per vorformulierter IFG-Anfrage (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz) einzufordern – bis der freie Zugang zum Standard wird. »

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This Is Not an Atlas gathers more than 40 counter-cartographies from all over the world. This collection shows how maps are created and transformed as a part of political struggle, for critical research or in art and education: from indigenous territories in the Amazon to the anti-eviction movement in San Francisco; from defending commons in Mexico to mapping refugee camps with balloons in Lebanon; from slums in Nairobi to squats in Berlin; from supporting communities in the Philippines to reporting sexual harassment in Cairo. This Is Not an Atlas seeks to inspire, to document the underrepresented, and to be a useful companion when becoming a counter-cartographer yourself.


#NotAnAtlas #Geography #cartography #CounterCartography @weeklyOSM

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