John Oliver's piece on policing is pretty well-done and good to share with any white folks who still aren't convinced:

@maloki yeah, Lottie's in the same boat :(

probably a hissy fit between HBO and whoever has the rights to broadcast in the UK. should work on US VPN though

@lightdark @maloki working on transcoding and re-uploading it, gimme a sec :)

Videos of police brutality 


The above post.

@lightdark They knocked it out the park with this one.

Good to see someone putting all the 'wot about the looting' crap in perspective.

here it is, all 33 minutes, compressed into an almost-legible form

CW: police violence

cc: @lightdark @maloki

@lightdark this video has successfully gotten some moderate and right-leaning people on my facebook on the defund the police train

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