@freedcreative Lol Yeah I'm a C++, Java, and android programming guy who does it as a hobby, HTML, JavaScript and anything web based are greek to me. Microbiologist for my full time job. Turns out my gf(no programming experience) knew about PWAs and I didn't til after putting this app out, lol. There are ways to do things like create push notifications but I don't know javascript to dig into the code. Also apparently the weird APK style pings at least one spyware detector. Very embarrassing when you do this much work and there is already a function in existance.

@lutindiscret @freedcreative @harald @exodus Yeah I can't find any instance of kodular.io being classified as spyware on a websearch. But it is a bizarre unique style APK so it may ping some spyware detectors.

@lutindiscret @freedcreative @harald @exodus Kodular.io is a weird animal, built off MIT app inventor. Please check it out if you would. Its made to help nobodies make apps. drive.google.com/file/d/1m4eHd Here is the original code I used and you can upload it to kodular and find out if its actually spyware. The listeners probably all turned on by not doing anything. This is a very abnormal APK. Please check it out and let me know if I'm actually spreading spyware without realizing it. I may have to abandon kodular.

@lutindiscret @freedcreative @harald @exodus Ok that's weird, i just invented this app using kodular. Which means im going to have to look into kodular and find out what kinds of trackers it may have

@freedcreative open up any page in your browser. Open the browser menu and click "add to home screen" and you essentially have an app of that page

@freedcreative np. It was pointed out by friendica developers that you can literally just use the "pin to home page" feature in your browser to do what i did. Luckily didn't use up a lot of time. This just comes with tutorials. What peertube instance are you on?

@freedcreative I will look into putting it on Fdroid. not a programmer by trade so I'll see how much extra work it will be to maintain and update both versions. Thanks for the feedback! (Ps Hope asking to test the donate button didn't come off as a weird passive agressive way to get money, I'll get a friend to test it for me if it did, thanks for trying out the app, I also have one for friendica, Librefriends, and will have another one for pixelfed (pixelfeed) coming out today.

@freedcreative Dont even know what that is. Please elaborate. Also if you could hit the $1 donate button and see if it gives you the option to donate through Google store. Obviously don't donate if you don't want, my account just always gives a test dummy card because its my account. Thanks!

@freedcreative play.google.com/store/apps/det Good Morning all, please check out my new android Peertube client. The donations button doesn't work but pretty danged please with myself!

@hector Germany seems to do that just fine. Its not a social justice issue, its about healing the wrongs the us government did favoring one group of people over another. I mean if you don't want our government to be better and more equitable and just sweep the wrongs under the rug and ignore them and never do anything to atone for them may want to rethink that

I wonder what would happen if, I dunno, some protesters filled up a bunch of water balloons with this J-lube stuff and lobbed them into the midst of a bunch of stormtroopers? :thonking:



@hector Reparations for slavery may be a hard pill for the American people to swallow as none are currently living. Be we should give reparations for people who lived through Jim crow, had to pay way more for a loan that a white person, suffered from redlining, had to serve a jail sentence for a crime they didn't commit because their public defender was so underpaid and overworked the best they could recommend is a plea deal instead of being able to properly defend them.

@thufie Not quite, logistics and economies of scale are why local small gardens and farms can't compete to feed the world. They can only grow lower yield specialty organic crops(aka expensive aka for people of privilege). If it was all like that most people would starve.

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But these? We're seeing protests with the scale and intensity of Ferguson in every major city in the US, nightly. The police are fighting for their jobs, and they know it, and they're responding exactly wrong. And there's enough guns around that we're about a step and a half away from this civil cold war going very hot, very fast.

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The police are very literally operating as a protection racket now.

"Nice house you've got there, councilwoman. It'd be a terrible shame if it were to have an accident. You know how violent those protestors can get."

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