I wonder what would happen if, I dunno, some protesters filled up a bunch of water balloons with this J-lube stuff and lobbed them into the midst of a bunch of stormtroopers? :thonking:



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But these? We're seeing protests with the scale and intensity of Ferguson in every major city in the US, nightly. The police are fighting for their jobs, and they know it, and they're responding exactly wrong. And there's enough guns around that we're about a step and a half away from this civil cold war going very hot, very fast.

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The police are very literally operating as a protection racket now.

"Nice house you've got there, councilwoman. It'd be a terrible shame if it were to have an accident. You know how violent those protestors can get."

I believe this is what they call teargaslighting.

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False. Where’s the Twitter fact check. No tear gas. Horses are used for safe crowd control. Mayor set 7p curfew. No coordination with Park Police. FALSE. twitter.com/davidaxelrod/statu

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Torn about the demonstrations over George Floyd’s death... On the one hand police brutality and racism and the death of Mr Floyd need attention, on the other hand mass gatherings during a pandemic that also disproportionately kills black people in the US seem like a bad idea even for good cause...

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This was cool, as soon as this protest group marched past this house a Somali family ran outside hauling bottles of water. “water water water!”

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