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weh hi im gonna update the instance so hold onto yr kitty butts


#introduction time 

it's nice being on a small instance where the local tl only updates like 5x/h

every cat deserves a cardboard box to feel safe in

oh my goodness this platform has queer pride emotes I am DEAD :heart_ace: :heart_aro: :heart_bi: :heart_agender: :heart_bigender: :heart_gq: :heart_is: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :heart_pride: :heart_trans: :kitty_pan: :kitty_pride: :kitty_trans: :kitty_nb: :nonbinary_flag: :pansexual_flag: :polyamory_flag: :queer100:

OS upgrade complete.

Oh, and we got a Mastodon upgrade too.

And apparently that wss:// issue is now fixed?

Also, please welcome @kity back to the team, after a much-too-long absence! :scipio:

The server is about to undergo a system upgrade; there will be some downtime.

Please stock up on treats and extra scritches for use while you wait.

cc: @woozle @LottieVixen @kity


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Instance Administration

  • Woozle: Supreme Uberwensch, general support, web hostess
  • Charlotte: tech support, apprentice in warp-drive arcana (aka Mastomaintenance)
  • ash: backend stuff, gay crimes

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