See that white tree there amongst the green ones? I'm not certain, but I think it's an albino.

Like animals, some tress are born as albinos, devoid of pigments due to a genetic mutation. Without photosynthetic pigments, a tree cannot harvest energy from sunlight and normally wouldn't survive. But in a rainforest, any tree will be nurtured by the rest of its community, sharing resources through their roots. Even a tree unable to give anything back.

Image credit: Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

we have filled the entire tmux scrollback buffer with dots

i just woke up and unlocked my computer, guess what it's still going

9 days left, financial need, housing, boosting appreciated Show more

financial need, stability/housing, boosting appreciated Show more

@woozle if it's a lot of tiny files, it's probably because it's really expensive to crawl the directory tree on both ends and compare (also wow i just tooted that from the news account, good going me)

@robrogan welcome! if there's anything you need help with, feel free to ask!

@katzenworld @woozle yeah so.. looking at nginx logs, it seems that you're encountering an internal server error as soon as you try to load the profile editing page? which is not what i expected, i thought you meant that it was erroring after you clicked submit

@katzenworld @woozle can you try to edit your profile now so i can catch it in the logs?

@katzenworld @woozle all deleted, will look at the profile editing issue

@js0000 hey yeah we've been thinking about making this move for a long time behind the scenes, even before i came back to the admin team. i'm not sure if @woozle has written anything publicly about it, but glitchsoc is the fork i've been using for like over a year now and i feel there's much more concern for the userbase there than mainline. also it's just got lots of features i wanted to share with yall :>

hi holy hell we're back!!!! that was much smoother than expected, direct all issues to me at @kity thanks!!

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