re: new tootcat domain blocks 

@anubis2814 @woozle @news @xenon deleting and redrafting your posts is making it very hard to follow what you're actually saying, btw

re: new tootcat domain blocks 

@anubis2814 @woozle @news @xenon xenon uses she/her pronouns, it's in her bio

re: new tootcat domain blocks 

@anubis2814 @woozle @news @xenon xenon is the dedicated moderator here who posted about domain blocks that prompted this discussion

re: new tootcat domain blocks 

@anubis2814 @woozle @news are you both aware that @xenon hosts

@eryn matrix is good. it's federated, but not decentralized (yet)

@woozle @js0000 update: apparently large text storage isn't an issue for postgres as i had thought, it will store that out of band alongside the database. i don't care what you post, then, as long as it doesn't disturb others. keep long posts under a cw please

@woozle @js0000 i didn't intend for anything but to remove the character limit and replace it with an absurdly high value for clients that wouldn't know what to do with no character limit. please don't abuse this, there is no provision in place for storing large posts separately from the database

compiling assets while the server is running is cool, feels nice to have enough ram for that

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@js0000 @woozle in theory you can send whatever you want, we probably won't even notice if it's under a content warning (i might pull in a patch to only disable char limit under a cw) but it's probably not a worthwhile use of your time

Fediverse question for anyone not on m.s:

Do you feel like at least one of you instance moderators knows who you are, individually?


Feel free to also reply with what instance you're on.

@garbados i can try and make it count up toward no maximum, this was a quick fix

@woozle this was the simplest way without digging into the code

just banned a bunch of users that mass-registered on, i advise adding to your email blacklist since that's the mx server all these accounts used to sign up

ugh wow, today was a lot. tootcat should be running better than ever though, now.

i've recently seen some talk of bots that say something like "we respect nobot, please don't report us" and i want to be very clear, we consider any bot that follows without explicit consent to be an invasion of privacy. please report them if you see any!

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