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@garbados if there's anything else i can do for you anytime, feel free to ask. i don't often end up thinking about tootcat, but i don't want to neglect

if anyone has any problems since the upgrade ping me or whatever ;;

weh hi im gonna update the instance so hold onto yr kitty butts


@katj i should find someone to turn this into a fun cat-based infographic :3

@katj your home timeline shows your own toots and those of everyone you follow. the federated timeline shows any public toot excluding replies that the instance can see (generally that means anything public from people on this instance, anyone they follow, and anything that either they or someone they follow boosts)

@katj hi! are you new here? welcome to toot.cat! :D
you can direct any questions or whatever to me or any other admin (or anyone else on the fediverse, really, we're not picky hehe)

to answer your question, the local timeline is anything posted with public visibility by people on this instance (toot.cat)

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  • Woozle: Supreme Uberwensch, general support, web hostess
  • Charlotte: tech support, apprentice in warp-drive arcana (aka Mastomaintenance)
  • ash: backend stuff, gay crimes

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