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*slaps top of old computer* it doesn't have enough power to browse the web, but it's still alright for gaming

no, journalists, $SBC_COSTING_5X_RPI is not a "competitor" or an "alternative" to a Raspberry Pi

is it just me, or is there something a bit off about the name "JetBrains"? like, yes, i totally want to use this thing that implies grey matter being expelled at sufficient speed to generate thrust

are you non-binary?

do you think hormone therapies for trans people should be available over the counter?

should those therapies be available for affirming unconventional and non-binary gender identities?

please boost.

pol, libertarians, humor, almost certainly truth 

I don't often wax political on here, but I couldn't help but crack up after reading this.

From :birdsite: :


John Pavlovitz: In your own words, how would you describe Libertarians?

John Spalding: House cats. They are convinced of their fierce independence while utterly dependent on a system they don't appreciate or understand.

"I was with a busload of people who are ufologists, who believe in aliens. I personally don't. I believe in UFOs, but that's not hard to do. That's unidentified flying objects. This is all it takes to believe in one of them: 'There's something in the sky. I don't know what that is.' No need to start a website."

changing the font metrics of your fonts out from under you when you do a package update? that's just rude, void...

giving some degree of consideration to the maxim "software developed by asshats is generally not worth the trouble"

but as far as i can tell, that would leave me trying to run Ruby on bare metal :-(

Since the syslog component of systemd, journald, does not flush its logs to disk during normal operation, these logs will be gone when the machine is shut down abnormally (power loss, kernel lock-ups, ...). In the case of kernel lock-ups, it is pretty important to have some kernel logs for debugging. Until journald gains a configuration option for flushing kernel logs, rsyslog can be used in conjunction with journald.

ha. figures. fucking systemd

Hey hackers, @schlink and I need to catch up with that the state-of-the-art is in password cracking these days.

I'm not so interested in parallelization & GPU/ASIC assist, as I am in techniques to reduce the search space by knowing things about the generation & complexity of the original passwords.

Pointers welcome!

quick question: what are the advantages of using GTK3 over GTK2?

also, is there a handy list of apps sticking with GTK2 indefinitely?

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