Ministers attempting to blackmail colleagues who might oppose PM, alleges Tory MP - a government of bullies, that can only rule through fear...

As is (temporarily?) down in the DNS of the network I'm on I started looking at alternatives. is a general-purpose redirector that supports not only nitter, but also invidious, libreddit etc.

two identical screens mounted side by side:

frankly been seeing plenty of things previously available for download no longer there, so going on a general download because peoples clouds seem to be bursting

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"University prepares you for real life"

:blobcatthinkingglare: Compsci students:
- Memorize everything
- Exams without tools or even computers
- Everything must be perfect on first try

:blobcatbolb: Actual job:
- All the IDEs
- Stack overflow
- Import random libraries
- Hotfix #​3472 rolls back past two hotfixes plz update

@drwho there's even a vi in busybox... and a static build of that is small enough to slip into the boot partition

re: programming 

@cadadr it's more like staging a poorly-supervised fireworks display under the petrol station's forecourt. something will go wrong, and if you're very lucky you'll notice slightly before you're engulfed in flames


in the last decade or so the dev pseudo-community convinced itself that dependencies aren't your code, and you aren't responsible for them.

well, no. if it's running on your (virtual) machines, it's your code. you need to trust it and manage it like that.

combined with hustled ceaseless and extremely frequent releases having become the norm, this is like smoking near a pump at a petrol station.

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@deejoe (i have now checked and this does seem to be the case)

@deejoe i'd have to check, but i think joe defaults to something that's similar to WS but not quite the same? but if you start it as jstar, it does use WS commands, and that's the way i always use it

uk pol 

@ajroach42 that probably felt ridiculous before a conman came along and successfully swindled an entire country... and even though they knew that, they made him prime minister

on reflection i should have separated out nano/pico from other

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which text editor keystroke set do you Just Know?

This is Mysterious Tokyo. aka “bad cat.” She knows why. She loves me and sleeps on my pillow and claws the blankets to wake me up if I don’t have an arm free for her to sleep on.

At least one of us sleeps at night.

@68km you're right, i did. for the purposes, please assume it's under ^X / ^C / ^V

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.